TLV Demo Day #sbcIsrael

TLV Demo Day #sbcIsrael

29-Apr-2014 by Startupbootcamp

The journey begins!

Startupbootcamp Israel’s second accelerator completed this month. No more back-to-back mentoring sessions. No more lectures. No more pitch practice. The teams are free to fly!

“2014 is shaping up to be another incredible year for Israeli tech. The last year alone has seen five billion dollar exits (acquistions by Google, Facebook, Apple, IBM & IPOs) and over eighty tech M&A deals concluded at an average price of just over $80m.”

Shahar Namer, CEO
Startupbootcamp Israel

Startupbootcamp Israel in Tel Aviv

Startupbootcamp Israel was launched in Haifa last year by VC firm Sushi Venture Partners and expanded to Tel Aviv in 2014.

Clockwise from top left: Martin, Paul-René, Shahar & Kalam

The latest accelerator program in Tel Aviv proved to be another roller coaster. Each startup completed an intensive schedule from January to April that pushed forward product development and investment readiness. The program culminated with presentations to a two hundred plus, over capacity, audience on Demo Day comprising over sixty investors, tech industry associates, our mentors and partners.

The results of this year’s accelerator are impressive.

All startup teams have investment secured, a term sheet on the table or are closing a round with co-investors.

Startupbootcamp Israel Spring 2014 Startups!

“The Israeli spirit of innovating and creating market relevant products is outstanding. We were positively overwhelmed again by the energy on display as the teams went after every opportunity, worked closely with mentors, pitched investors, built relationships with new clients and crucially, pushed their products forward!

We’re very proud of each team and thrilled to be part of their journey as they seek out partners for financing and international growth.”

Paul-René Albertini, Chairman
Startupbootcamp Israel |Sushi Venture Partners

Echo – Party with Echo! One sound system for all your devices.

“A new experience at the intersection of social apps and digital music”

Echo connects people through music. The app magically connects all your smart device speakers into a powerful sound system over which you share and play your music. Start the party anywhere, anytime.

Status: Beta live on AppStore
Team: Ezra Fuks, Danya Tsiporukha, Stanislav Cherednichenko, Dasha Mayorova, Alex Frid

Pico – Capture your memories. 1000 photographers at your event!

“Imagine if all your event attendees are now your photographers”

If you ever hosted a wedding, a party or any other occasion, you probably noticed that people are using their mobile devices A LOT to take pictures. Unfortunately there is no easy way for you to collect these pictures without interfering with your attendees’ behavior.

Pico seamlessly collects all the pictures of attendees in an event, auto tags the photographer, and uploads these pictures into a Facebook album so a single reference point of this event is created.

Status: Beta in development
Team: Roi Mozer, Asaf Nevo, Assaf Haiblum, Rinat Rozilio

Paymates – Pay with your friends

“We make it very simple for shoppers to buy together”

Many of us shop online and split payments for vacations, gifts or group bills with friends. Despite the strong demand, customer conversions for group purchases online are notoriously low, 10% or less, for retailers. The challenge for retailers is finding an elegant solution that is easy, trusted and convenient for shoppers to split payments online.

PayMates lets shoppers split a payment between friends with a simple button at checkout. Shoppers can easily split payments via their social networks, email and phone. We help online retailers increase their revenues by creating a social shopping and payment experience that drives sales.

Status: Beta in pilot with three major clients
Team: Adam Kogan, Dana Suslovich Rabl, Ika Balzam

Spirala – Word of mouth on social steroids

“Imagine getting rewarded, with money, for your recommendations”

Spirala is a social network that lets people recommend things they like by “Spinning” them.

If someone buys something from your Spin you earn a cut. Spirala is word of mouth on social steroids.

Status: Beta in development
Team: Andrew Geller, Erel Kapah, Moshe Keva

12mass – Scaling up conversations on social media

“A tool for big brands to engage directly with all their followers and fans on social media”

With billions of status updates posted everyday on social networks, brands are flooded with requests, questions, feedback and general mentions. Using dialog decision trees and optimized content via A/B testing, 12mass helps brands talk and respond significantly faster than any other method on the market.

Status: Beta Live. Pilots with Lego, LiverpoolFC, Amdocs, State of Israel
Team: Agmon Porat, Shalom Miuni

BrandGauge – Track, Discover and Gauge Social Media Metrics

“Data driven intel for brand marketing departments to react and execute effectively”

BrandGauge is a tool for measuring and comparing social media metrics for brands. Marketing and social media managers collect data from a range of channels and build social media alerts on their brands and their competitors to act on in real time. With Brandgauge large brands can craft responsive social media strategies and manage their brand effectively.

Status: Beta in development
Team: Saul Dekel, Shahar Netanel, Philip Slesarev, Renjith Varickanil

Mentors, Partners & Sponsors

Many thanks to our guest speakers Dr Eyal Benjamin, Idit Neuderfer and Eli Ringer from Modelz.

Special thanks to Omri Moran CEO Kitlocate | Yandex IL who made it on short notice and discussed Kitlocate’s quick journey from startup to accelerator to acquisition by Yandex last month. A very special story which took place in under a year.

A Very Big Thank You goes out to our sponsors: GKH Law, Ernst & Young and The Academic College of Tel Aviv Jaffo.

With their dedicated support we set up a high level program that continues to enhance and add value to the local startup ecosystem. The same goes for all the mentors who sat down with our teams and brought them to where they are now.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 01.12.45.png Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 01.13.06.png Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 01.13.40.png Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 01.13.48.png

What’s next?

The Sushi Venture Partners team led by Paul-René Albertini is back at work preparing its next two Startupbootcamp programs: MediaTech in London and CyberSecurity in Tel Aviv. Both programs will provide high quality platforms to accelerate the next wave of startup leaders in these verticals and connect Israeli and European tech communities.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or partner, please reach out to us.

Updates and news will be posted on @sbcIsrael


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