Growing community of mentors get together at FinTech Accelerator in London

Growing community of mentors get together at FinTech Accelerator in London

01-Apr-2014 by CatalinaButnaru

At Startupbootcamp FinTech we recognize the need for startups to connect with mentors who are experienced, relevant and happy to help and guide them through the process of growing from idea stage to investment ready companies. This can only be achieved in an environment where the feeling of community and support is stronger than the pressure to perform, which is usually associated with an accelerator.

To build and grow this community of FinTech mentors we invited over 80 FinTech entrepreneurs, thought-leaders and executives from large financial institutions to meet and mingle during MentorFest, a networking event dedicated to mentorship in FinTech.

The event was hosted in the Rainmaking Loft, where 10 teams from all over the world will have their own dedicated co-working space during the 3 month acceleration program run by Startupbootcamp FinTech. More than 100 registered via Eventbrite and recommended the event to their network of influencers.

It was exciting to learn some of our guests flew over from Germany, Italy and The Netherlands to join the Startupbootcamp FinTech network and engage with like-minded entrepreneurs, passionate about getting involved in our program. This level of commitment shows that we are constantly attracting an interesting mix of mentors, located in different corners around the world, who recognize the need to build a strong, supportive and positive ecosystem around our accelerator.

In my way to @sbcFinTech MentorFest! Looking forward to meeting you all tonight! 🙂

The event was kicked off by Nektarios Liolios, Managing Director at Startupbootcamp FinTech and ex Innovation Leader at Innotribe, who talked about the importance of connecting startups with relevant mentors and vice versa. Delegates learned about our FinTech accelerator, the upcoming Pitch Days – 15 in total (see our FinTech schedule here), the FinTechAthon – a payments focused hackathon run with the help of Xignite – official data market provider, The Open Bank Project and UCL Decide, and more mentor-focused events providing more opportunities to engage with startups before Selection Days…

To celebrate and acknowledge our mentors’ interest in our programme, the crew built a Wall of Fame, showing some names and faces of the impressive crowd. The evening continued with a panel discussion with Paul Burmester, Chika Mbonu of Viewsy (Startupbootcamp Amsterdam alumni) and Andy Shannon, who talked about their experience as mentors or mentees at Startupbootcamp.

The panel agreed that establishing a great connection with the teams based on competencies, skills, experience and a genuine interest to solve a very specific problem within the FinTech sector are key to being a great mentor.

We were delighted to have over 100 people sign up for MentorFest, but our true aim was to understand how each of our guests can bring most value to our startups, by identifying the style of mentoring that defines them, and the expertise they would be able to bring to the table during our program in August. To address this challenge, the crew designed a match-making machine fueled by the mentors’ feedback and involvement. We will share the results during the program.

Kicking off our strengths discovery exercise with all mentors involved #mentorfest #sbcfintech by Sbootcamp FinTech @sbcFinTech on Fri, Mar 21 2014 11:29:38
MentorFest continued with a fun strengths-discovery exercise that encouraged our mentors to interact and learn more about each other’s motivations, interests and personality traits in a relaxed manner. This was a great opportunity for us as well to discover that behind some of the most influential figures in FinTech, there is a variety of characters playfully described in our game as Challengers, Knowledge Seekers, Facilitators, Developers and more!

The crowd instantly connected over wine and sushi, creating a good vibe and sharing their thoughts with us. Some of them were kind enough to share their motivations for becoming a mentor at Startupbootcamp FinTech on camera, as we recorded short interviews with some of the attendees, right on the spot. For those who weren’t able to attend, we put together a compilation of the best shots. Enjoy watching!

All in all, MentorFest was successful on so many levels: we understood whatmotivates highly successful entrepreneurs to join Startupbootcamp FinTech; we enjoyed learning about what the most exciting FinTech ventures would look like for our mentors; and we also discovered more about the specific skill set and expertise that each of our mentors is able to bring to make this program a truly valuable experiences for the startups, from start (Selection Days) to finish (Demo Day). This is our thank you for everyone who joined us, and a reminder for those who couldn’t join that they are invited to attend our Official Launch event and Hackathon.

Have a great party @sbcFinTech @RainmakingLoft @mgnirck I wish could be there, so much excitement in making next BIG FinTech in #cphftw on Fri, Mar 21 2014 14:22:23
Michael Backes @derBackes said:
Thanks for a fun event and kicking me out. I would have missed my flight otherwsie 🙂 @sbcFinTech
Sat, Mar 22 2014 03:15:17

Raph Crouan @raphntwit tweeted:@sbcFinTech@nekliolios : have a great #mentorfest tonight guys ! Wish I could join the fun .. Take some pictures & share the love. on Fri, Mar 21 2014 11:59:16

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Superb organisation from @sbcFinTech and @nliolios for mentoring Fintech startups at @RainmakingLoft
Fri, Mar 21 2014 18:32:57