Can there be more entrepreneurs than employees until 2020?

Can there be more entrepreneurs than employees until 2020?

14-Apr-2014 by TaylanDemirkaya

Especially in the last 20 years, there is a big shift in thinking of which we are unaware due to its speed. We are entering a new period where we should put many things that we saw in our educational life, our families told us, we read in books or saw the applications on the shelves. This time, changes in business life and lifestyles will not take 50-100 years; changes which occurred in such a time period will face us even before 10-20 years. I can see this clearly by my own observations. There is a considerable unhappiness in many researches made on people who work for careers. I am sure you too experienced this as well.

The job changing rates of those who go to work between 9.00 and 18.00 started to increase rapidly. People are giving more importance to experiences. Students do not give importance to lessons which are stacks of information. Many people who work for the same job for years started losing their jobs. Many people who are over 30 want to set up their own businesses. We are utilizing many alternatives because there are a lot of options and a lot of information. There is a very important thing all these show us: We need a new way of thinking about making business. Regulative organizations, universities and business world should adapt this new way of thinking (paradigms). We are now having the pain of this adaptation. It is clear that the result will be a great change.

In 10 years, a big part of the working section will be entrepreneurs, I believe. This may not come very logical at first. But the developments I mentioned above cause considerable changes in our expectations. Universities and schools will become organizations for obtaining experience and improving skills. Predetermined lesson hours will change, obligatory lessons will decrease 70%, pre-accountancy, administrative activities, and banking will be done by computers, thus educational activities for them will decrease. There will be more radical changes in institutions. Institutions will have to provide a structure for the employees who get bored, do not want to do the same thing constantly and want to make some contributions. This structure can be named corporate entrepreneur structure. Employees will be connected to the corporation but each will have a private company according to the added value of the work they do and they will bill for the company in specific conditions. Responsible people who gain many customers to the company, increase customer satisfaction and help the company to be recognized will be corporate entrepreneurs. According to the added value they give to their institution, they will be able to be shareholder of the country more. Thus, resources of companies will be used more effectively. Salaries will be removed; instead partnership and earning system will start according to the added value given by the corporate entrepreneurs.

The biggest change in regulative public organizations will be about collecting data and updating the data. The public organizations will always assess the currency of the data collected momentarily and experts who work in private sector in the name of the government in project basis will assess these and provide them to decision makers immediately. By this way, regulations will not require months and years; sometimes days will be enough. Thus, public application forms, which do not change for years, will be thrown away. Resources of the government will be used with more dynamic effect and with added value. Officers working in the public will be experts of a subject of project and number of constantly working people will decrease. The government will be a just and accurate investor. It will see good organizations and entrepreneurs better and it will throw a sprat to catch a mackerel; it will help them more; in return, it will receive more tax from the added value it produced.

Why do I believe that all these will become true in such a short time?

The most important reason that all these will come true is that the change in technology changed the form of information flow. We live in a world where data doubles every year and this speed increases constantly. When you graduate from a university of 4 years, 75% of the information you learned there gets old. There will be more mobile devices than the population of the world in 2014. Moreover, I have do add that data amount of mobile devices increase multiplying at least 133% every year. From now on, organizations will be able to follow the information about our location, transactions we make, as well as our moods.

We should accept that this change is very fast. We have to change our way of thinking fundamentally. If we cannot do this, we can make an already painful period more painful.