Startupbootcamp teams up with TruQu

Startupbootcamp teams up with TruQu


Startupbootcamp teams up with TruQu to validate mentor skill-sets

4 March 2014Startupbootcamp starts to validate the mentor-skills they are offering within their mentor-network by using the TruQu platform. Startups review mentors in order to confirm the mentor’s claimed skill-sets.

Startupbootcamp is Europe’s biggest startup accelerator, which is strongly mentor-driven. Every Startupbootcamp program has around 150 unique mentors. The quality of the mentors in these mentor-networks is therefore extremely important for the success of the Startupbootcamp brand. All mentors have to go through a mentor master class before they are allowed to mentor in one of the programs. At these master classes they get introduced to the startup lean methodology, the business model canvas, and best practices on how to mentor startups.

Since the quality of the mentors is so important for the success of the accelerator, Startupbootcamp Amsterdam starts giving insights about the skills gathered in its mentor-network. Because how valuable is ten years of corporate legal experience for a startup? And what skills can you pick-up from that startup-CEO-turned-millionaire? Startupbootcamp Amsterdam is teaming up with TruQu, an online platform that helps mentors validate their claimed skills. Patrick de Zeeuw, co-founder and CEO of Startupbootcamp says: “At Startupbootcamp, we think transparency is key. We were already transparent about our statistics, but want to go one step further. Together with this fantastic partner we can share insights on our mentor skill-sets with our startups and the broader community.”

At the end of the Startupbootcamp program, mentors send a review-request to the teams they mentored. The teams rate the mentors on eight different skills, like knowledge of funding, marketing, design, legal, etc. Based on these reviews the highest rated skills per mentor will be visualized on the website. This way, new startups can much better target mentors based on peer reviews.

If the pilot turns out to be successful in Amsterdam, Startupbootcamp is inclined to role out the TruQu solution to all other programs. This way Startupbootcamp will create a truly transparent and extremely valuable European mentor network for startups. Bart Kollau, founder of TruQu is looking forward to the cooperation: “We are very proud to have Startupbootcamp on board. They are the most innovative accelerator program in Europe with very challenging startups in their program. With our technology they can improve the quality of their program even more.

For further information on the cooperation between Startupbootcamp and TruQu, you can contact:

Startupbootcamp Amsterdam (

Mirte Gosker, or +31 6 83 57 48 48

TruQu (

Bart Kollau, or +31 6 26 33 08 87