An alumni about the SBC experience

An alumni about the SBC experience

05-Feb-2014 by Startupbootcamp

Viewsy joined Startupbootcamp Amsterdam 2012. We entered as three people with a crazy idea: that the way people move within physical spaces was as important for businesses – if not more – than people’s online browsing behaviour was and that we would measure this and provide the data to different industries. Before we had even graduated from SBC Amsterdam, we already had secured significant seed funding, closed pilot deals with a number of major players in retail and knew where we were heading and how we would get there. In short, SBC turned Viewsy into a company.

Okay, the location is stunning, the space highly inspiring and the facilities are ideal. But what really drew us to the Rainmaking Loft, London, afterall was the vision the founders had for the space. This wasn’t just another co-working office, this would become a business community of high impact. Now, we’d heard this kind of pitch many times before. But we knew the Loft was different, when the founders starting turning down companies because they didn’t seem to contribute to their larger vision. In the Loft today, you will only find high-growth, high-ambition, high-calibre teams dedicated to disrupting big markets and solving global challenges. That’s how we like to see ourselves at Viewsy, and it’s great to be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs with similar ambition.

At Viewsy, we’re proud about our traction, dedication, and our team. The Loft has taken us further in many ways — in real, concrete ways. The relationships we’ve built inside the Loft – either from other residents or the numerous high-ranking visitors – have directly led to some of the largest deals and partnerships we’ve secured to date, with some of the most prestigious retail firms on the planet. The Rainmaking Loft is not just an incubator or an accelerator for single companies trying to succeed, it’s a startup community and in our opinion the best one out there.


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