Rewind: What Has Happened in the Program So Far

Rewind: What Has Happened in the Program So Far

28-Jan-2014 by SophiaKirova

Our Story Boards

23 days before Demo Day, we are flying high. Although our white boards have been taken away, the stories that colored them have not been forgotten. It is all learned by heart and now only being polished for the investors pitch on 21th February. Our teams and us have been working too hard and thus kept it silent for a while. So now is the time to sum it all up. Here is everything you want to know about our progress.

New Year’s Reception

New Year's Reception Pitches

On Wednesday 15th January, we tested how well our 10 teams have learned their lesson in presentation.

They all stepped on the big stage to pitch their products in front of a real audience. Our experience tells us that, in the end, a bewildering pitch is the one elemet that accounts for the succesful attraction of investor’s attention. This is why we spent quite some time with the teams on the essence of an awesome pitch.

We cannot help but mention that each and every one of them has made a remarkable progress since their last presentation.

Team Progress

Next to the growing performance curve, investments are rolling in, too. AquaAsZero has received two proposals, one worth 1.5M and one – 3M euros.

AquaAsZero at SBC HighTechXL New Year's Reception

George Think SiliconThinkSilicon is negotiating with large international tech company. After the visit in London, both teams Proxible and Ingeny have taken on board their first customers.

Meanwhile, Watly’s visit to India has brought them in the limelight of the local investment scene, various Governmental bodies, and the international NGO sector. They have reached a total of 35 product orders for their short acceleration time in the HighTechXL.

Setting the Deal – Real VCs Meet Real Entrepreneurs

The next step towards bringing life to our startups is going to be the actual financial negotiation with investors.

We know that a deal is not simply agreed over a coffee with a handshake. It is a tactical chess game based on experience, knowledge, patience, wordings, and numbers. It has for long been a closed world, one you don’t get to know or experience until you are sitting in the middle of it.

On 31th January, Startupbootcamp HighTechXL is hosting the first ever @SettingTheDeal event. We’re bringing a seasoned venture capitalist at one side of a table and entrepreneur with a cutting-edge tech on the other side, we will create the perfect battlefield for the parties to negotiate the Series A termsheet that lies in front of them.

This will all happen LIVE with an audience of more than 200 entrepreneurs, VC’s, and students, listening to every twist of words, seeing every wink, every low-kick under the table.

Interested? Get your tickets here!