Part 1: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About: "Startup Accelerators"

Part 1: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About: "Startup Accelerators"

12-Dec-2013 by Startupbootcamp

In July 2013 I started working as Global Marketing Manager for Startupbootcamp. One of the first things I realised when I met dozens of startups, were the many questions startups and entrepreneurs asked about startup accelerators. They especially enquired about what the experience of being accelerated would be like and what a startup accelerator would mean to their personal life and to their startup.

We decided it was time for an expert panel event for startups, entrepreneurs and students, who want to apply for an accelerator and want to know what they can expect from a startup accelerator program.

And so we did.

Below you can find the first livestream videos of our Startup Accelerator Event that was organized at the Rainmaking Loft (Startupbootcamp HQ) on Wednesday 4th of December. The evening was hosted by Devin Hunt, Y Combinator Alumni and Partner of Founder Centric. We asked Sean Kane, Co-Founder of f6s to kick off the night, with a keynote full of stats and insights about startup accelerators.

Video of Sean Kane’s Keynote


Next week we will share the second video of the event, which is the video of the expert panel, which consists of Andy Shannon, Head of Operations at Startupbootcamp, Jess Williamson from Techstars, Kirsten campbell from Seedcamp and Sean Kane Co-Founder of f6s.

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