A pitch day can be the springboard to the success of your startup

A pitch day can be the springboard to the success of your startup

13-Dec-2013 by Marc Wesselink

While on the hunt for top-notch startups, on December the 13th we are ready to welcome the most promising startup teams of Barcelona for an opportunity to pitch their idea in front of experienced mentors, get feedback and learn more about the Startupbootcamp program.

Startupbootcamp Pitch Days have been the beginning of an amazing journey for quite a few startups. Take for example Geosophic, a location-based gaming platform with over 2 million downloads around the world! This Spanish team took part in the first edition of Startupbootcamp Amsterdam and it all began by joining a pitch day.

Pablo Valcárcel, CEO of Geosophic shares with us his team’s experience with Startupbootcamp from pitch day, to success:

Startupbootcamp Amsterdam has really been the major success driver of our startup. Our first contact with their fantastic team, happened of course in one of their open pitch days. Something that was quite an experience on itself, because their sharp-shooting mentors acted as the perfect sounding board to validate our perspectives and ideas. The whole concept of the pitch days works brilliantly, because it’s the ideal opportunity to meet their team and ask them all the questions you might have to see whether they’d be a good match for you.

As for the program itself, it really took us to the next level in just three months. Three months of sleepless coding, endless networking, intense pitching and enthusiastic selling. Amsterdam is a very techy-startup friendly environment and a convenient gateway other markets such as UK or Germany.

But all in all, the best thing about the program is the people behind it. Patrick de Zeeuw and Ruud Hendriks are the shining top of a huge entrepreneurial iceberg. They’re both passionate and experienced in making a business successful, plus they have really extensive networks. And like all good leaders they have that ability to surround themselves with people as smart, talented and successful as them.

Excited already? Then join one of our next pitch days. And if you really want to accelerate your startup, apply for our 2014 program!

Marc Wesselink