The Materials Revolution is upon us

The Materials Revolution is upon us

14-Nov-2013 by AndyShannon

Startupbootcamp launches the world’s first Smart Materials accelerator to empower startups feeding the materials revolution

It’s hard to believe only 18 months have gone by since Startupbootcamp entered the world of ‘hightech’ by launching the Startupbootcamp HighTechXL program in Eindhoven.

As the world’s first accelerator program to focus on advanced ‘high tech’ innovation, we didn’t quite know what to expect. I can certainly say the results exceeded all our expectations: 20 amazing startups over 2 classes from 9 countries that already raised over $10 million in funding to commercialize truly disruptive technologies.

Leveraging their success in the hightech field, the Startupbootcamp team in Eindhoven is launching another program that is the first of its kind… we’re proud to announce the Startupbootcamp Smart Materials accelerator program.

Startupbootcamp fuels smart materials innovation

You may not be aware, but smart materials form the fabric of our daily lives – literally. From performance materials in automotive and aerospace to drug delivery systems, packaging materials, and biobased sources. The early days of a materials revolution are already upon us.

We often forget that Smart Materials are forming the base for new technology innovations. Take plastic bottles for an example. For decades they are made out of oil. Now they can be produced using a bio-source such as corn plant waste, which is not only environmentally friendly but has improved material properties.

The Startupbootcamp Smart Materials program is located in a top global hub for material sciences at The Brightlands Chemelot Campus, just south of Eindhoven in the Netherlands. With 100+ industrial companies and industry leaders such as DSM, Sabic and Lanxess at walking distance, the Campus is a dream location to run our Smart Materials program.

Of course an accelerator program is only as good as its team, and for Startupbootcamp Smart Materials we have an all-star line-up. Anique Soetermeer will leverage her deep program management, innovation and entrepreneurship background to lead the program in collaboration with the Startupbootcamp HighTechXL team of Guus Frericks and Patrick Gabriels who bring an amazing amount of hightech investing and operating experience.

Startupbootcamp prides itself on leveraging a global community of industry-focused resources, and Startupbootcamp Smart Materials epitomizes this approach. Surrounded by over 100 materials mentors, Hugo Delissen of Brightlands Chemelot Campus will leverage his immense startup experience and the Brightlands Smart materials community to accelerate the startups.

Calling the world’s top Smart Materials startups

Startupbootcamp Smart Materials is now open for applications. A global pitch day tour is being planned for the coming months where materials startups can meet the program team directly and connect with an experienced group of mentors. The 10 selected teams will begin their acceleration on April 13th and end with a bang on Demo Day July 3rd when over 500 partners and investors will attend for what’s expected to be another amazing demo day.

Apply to Startupbootcamp Smart Materials today!