All hands on deck, Startupbootcamp NFC & Contactless starts today

All hands on deck, Startupbootcamp NFC & Contactless starts today

14-Oct-2013 by Startupbootcamp

Today Startupbootcamp NFC & Contactless kicks off. This weekend, the 10 companies that have been selected as participants arrived from all over the world. They have worked hard to be here, leaving their homes and families behind. They had to take a leap of faith but it will be well worth their effort, as they get the chance to become truly successful. We believe that they will be, because they have great ideas and even greater people. People and team are vital components to us in the selection process. We want to work with people that have a shared goal, are determined to push limits to get there, and have the skills to make it happen. We’re always looking for synergy; a team that has a greater impact together than the sum of all its individual members. We found all that in the people who got on a plane to Amsterdam this weekend.

The three months that lay ahead will be an intense rollercoaster ride and even the greatest teams need all the help they can get. Many hands make light work, and so we found 4 people to help the startups shoot for the stars.

Today, we welcome 4 Founders in Residence, a marketer- an intrapreneur- and two coders. They will fulfill the roles of in-house mentors, spending 80% of their time on making the startups better, smarter, and more successful. Meet Mike, Lorenzo, Andrew, and Stef

Lorenzo Grandi, our new Marketer in Residence, is trained in web-marketing management. He is skilled in digital strategy, content management, social media, project management, and analytics reporting. He has worked on many projects, in both the B2B and B2C market and is passionate about finding new tools to save time and make life easier. Lorenzo believes in data analysis and trial and error processes. He will help the startups understand how to create- and manage their online presence in the most effective way. Lorenzo also runs a music blog, Early Morning Songs, that he is very passionate about, so whenever you want to talk about marketing or music, say hello @lorenzograndi4

Mike Balm, Intrapreneur in Residence, is an applied physicist, specialized in problem solving. He has worked in different segments of value proposition, for a wide variety of companies and customers. Business development, account management, and sales are his specialties. He now enjoys the role of aligning propositions and customer needs within new product-market combinations for our partner Thales Group. Living by his motto “Observe-Orient-Decide-Act” Mike will help the startups with problem solving and business development. If you share Mike’s passion for entrepreneurship, problem solving, or perhaps his love for snowball fights say hi: @MikeBalm

Andrew Wolters, Coder in Residence, has a degree in computing science. He has worked as a software engineer, technical advisor, andproject developer. Andrew has recently founded his own startup Snapcoin, which you might remember from the Final Selection Days. Andrew will share his knowledge with the startups, in exchange for experiencing Startupbootcamp’s acceleration process and taking this experience home to his own startup. He is passionate about teaching, which combined with his technical knowhow allows him to help the startups improve and learn. Andrew also has a major in classical piano and a minor in jazz piano. If you want to play a duet, contact him on @AndrewWolters

Stef van Grieken, Coder in Residence, studied Industrial Engineering and Philosophy and describes himself as “a tech-entrepreneur and a bit of a geek.” His mission is to open up society and the government through technology. In 2006 he founded his organization Open State Foundation, which co-operates with Public, Hack de Overheid, and Apps voor Nederland to increase government transparency. These projects were won ‘Time Magazine Top Website of 2012’ and ‘European Public Sector Award’. Stef worked as a software engineer for Google, Ikea, and Universal Media and the previous 6 months he called San Francisco his home. Stef will help the startups one day per week with developing software and creating a solid development team. Want to talk to Stef? Reach him on @StefvanGrieken

Welcome Andrew, Lorenzo, Mike, and Stef to the Startupbootcamp team!

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