The job as an intern in an accelerating startup

The job as an intern in an accelerating startup

27-Sep-2013 by Startupbootcamp

Yesterday evening, 8 of the 10 teams at the Startupbootcamp Mobility programme shared their startup development at the Startup Job Fair at IT University Copenhagen co-organized by ITU Innovators and Startupbootcamp. Being 4 weeks into the programme all the teams are experiencing the need of an extra couple of hands. Therefore, standing in front of 100 students from the Copenhagen area, they presented their startup, their needs and the open positions available.

Thanks to Graduateland, who gave each team more than 1.000 Euros to post their different open positions on their site, Passnfly did not take part in the job fair, as the use of the site already helped them expand the team with 2 interns focusing on graphic design and market research.

Stopango, the app that makes it easier for you to use public transport, also did not take part in the event last night, as they already had found their intern at the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship event held two weeks ago.

We interviewed Stopango’s new member of the team, Aleksandra Semina from Russia, to get an insight on how it is to be an intern in an accelerating startup:

Why did you choose to work for a startup?

“As a student it is difficult to find a job, which isn’t just serving coffee and helping out on other basic needs. By working for a startup you are in from the beginning and learn how to build things from scratch – everything from, how to sell a product to investors to how to build a marketing strategy. By working with a startup you get to learn things differently than if you were working in a well-established company, as lots of the work you would be doing there would be more routine, which is rarely seen at the beginning of a startup.”

Have you worked in a startup before?

“I did some volunteering for a startup not that long ago, however, it didn’t work out, as it was difficult for the CEO to delegate jobs, so the process often got stuck. I felt like I was wasting my time, however, one thing I’ve learnt from the experience is that if you want to achieve something in a startup you’ll have to be good to delegate the different jobs to all your employees. That way they feel like an important asset to the development of the startup.”

Are there any cons when working in an accelerating startup?

“One thing is that you are under pressure from the very beginning – this can however also be the interesting part. No one knows exactly what to do, as there are a lot of new changes still being made and developed, which creates severeal different deadlines there needs to be taken care of. Also with a whole lot of information flowing around the office there is a lot to think about. Because of the structure it takes a long time to feel any progress in what you are working on.”

What do you plan to take away with this experience?

“I want to understand how everything is done – learn how to work with the mistakes you make in the process of a startup, so I can try to avoid them in the future. Also, by working in an international team we all see situations in different ways, which makes the working process much more dynamic. It completely expands your own vision on things. Besides from that I want to use this internship to see if I actually am able to work with the marketing and marketing strategy, which is my responsibility here, and take all the feedback with me.”

Do you have the dream to start your own startup? If yes, how do you think this internship can inspire you?

“I want to start my own startup one day, however currently I am not ready. I think it is best for me to wait about 5 years, as I want to gain some experience, network and knowledge before starting my own. People implicate that is takes the half of your lifetime to start your own business and I know that I’m currently not ready personally and professionally to take that step. Working for yourself is very different than working as an employee, as well as the fact that it is not as costly to work in an already establish startup as it is to start your own. My vision on life is to try a lot of different things before knowing exactly what I want to do, which is also one of the reasons for why I am happy to be part of Stopango.”

The appearance of students at the Startup Job Fair, the interest on Graduateland and at the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship event shows that there is a broad desire to work in an accelerating startup. After last night’s event we will hopefully be opening the doors for several more interns ready to help out and work with the broad range of startups settled in at the Startupbootcamp office in Copenhagen.

If you are looking for a internship or a job in a startup the events at the different universities are a good way to get started. If you are in Copenhagen there is also facebook pages such as:

Copenhagen Startup Jobs

Denmark Startup Jobs

Besides from that, if you are interested in working in an accelerating startup you can of course also check out the Startupbootcamp Job Page.

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