NFC or Not NFC? That's the question!

NFC or Not NFC? That's the question!

18-Jul-2013 by Marc Wesselink

Since April, I have been talking to all kinds of startups for our vertical accelerator program, Startupbootcamp NFC & Contactless. Many of them are insecure and ask me whether they fit in the program or not.

As there are still 20 days left to apply for our program, I would like to make it more clear concerning what kind of startups we are looking for.

What does Near Field Communication (NFC) & Contactless Interactions mean? Everything from RFID and Bluetooth to Wifi, etc. Currently we are talking to companies which are able to route payments using Twitter, wristbands connected to a mobile using Bluetooth, smart postering based on QR-codes, track & trace systems using Wifi, CMS systems for NFC tags, PaaS for certified NFC/QR tags and so on. We are not only looking for NFC devices… but any kind of interaction based on a wireless protocol!

So if you need our help in accelerating your company, apply now! There are only 20 days left until August 8!

Still insecure about moving to Amsterdam? Take a look at the video below and let the tips from our 9 CEOs convince you!

9 Tips from Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Class of 2013 from StartupbootcampTV on Vimeo.

Marc Wesselink