Why has the all-round use of NFC not taken off?

Why has the all-round use of NFC not taken off?

19-Jun-2013 by Startupbootcamp

This is the second part of an interview with Bert van den Bos, owner of Connected Loyalty and Startupbootcamp NFC&Contactless mentor. At the moment, he focuses on building an infrastructure for companies to deliver NFC services, so that it becomes easy for consumers to use. During the interview he discusses his predictions for NFC technology implementation and security. Don’t forget to check out the first part of the interview.

What is necessary for triggering the all-round use of NFC & Contactless tech?

I believe the reason why it has not taken off in the way people predicted is that big organisations, which should be driving this technology, do not step over their own shadow. If they did, that would significantly push usage forward. However, there is a possible alternative.

Do you believe that your personal data is safe when using your mobile? Are NFC applications secure?

It is just as safe as other services, secure and non-secure. NFC does not change the level of security. It does, though, enable non-secure services to become more secure and it may make current expensive safe services become cheaper.

What are the challenges for the growth of the NFC mobile market?

As indicated in the answers of other questions, the business model needs to change. An independent party should provide an open, transparent and non-discriminatory scheme that everybody can use (like Ideal). This model is difficult to implement but it would boost services if it existed.

Do you think the recent Apple’s patents for establishing NFC sessions might give a major boost to the NFC & Contactless industry?

Not more than others. If Apple behaves in the same way as in the past, it will be a proprietary solution not open to others. Therefore, it will be successful for those who have a relation with Apple or are at least related to Apple. Retailers want all their customers to be able to use the NFC-based service. It will be successful as such but it will not drive NFC services better than other initiatives.

How can NFC technology help the increase of business practices, not only for payment systems?

NFC helps Service Providers of all kind, to improve their service level to their customers to unknown levels, as NFC together with Secure Element technology can ensure a safe transaction environment.

What is the most innovative use case of NFC that comes to your mind?

Combine a game played at home on the computer with real-life situations, for example: if a certain game level is achieved, points are stored on a Secure Element via NFC, which can later be redeemed in a shop. Or if people get ill on the street or an accident happens, the doctor can scan with NFC a Secure Element carried by the person to read its relevant medical history and so on.

From your experience, are consumers ready to adopt NFC technology in everyday life?

During the trial we did during the Nijmeegse Vierdaagsefeesten in Nijmegen, we found that people think it is fun to “touch” or “puun”, as we called it during the trial (puun is a kiss in the Limburg dialect), to collect points and/or pay for used services. Besides, the Dutch people are getting used to the OV-Card; so yes, the time is right now!

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