What does startup acceleration really mean?

What does startup acceleration really mean?

04-Jun-2013 by Startupbootcamp

With 23 days left until Demo Day, we were very curious to know how our startups feel about their experience with Startupbootcamp Amsterdam so far. What have they learned, and most importantly what do they feel has been the most useful aspect of the program?

If you’re wondering what is next in the agenda, then read on! The newest thematic mentor-driven accelerator program, NFC&Contactless, will kick off October 14th in Amsterdam, capital of the second, or even number one, smartphone country in the EU and an amazing pilot market for NFC. Do you know any teams working with contactless interactions like QR codes, RFID or barcode scans? Encourage them to apply now and pitch early on, to get useful feedback on their idea and get to know our team.

Check out below the three testimonials from Twoodo, Teach ‘n Go and Kinems and don’t forget to apply for NFC&Contactless!

Denis Duvauchelle, CEO of Twoodo

“Woow” is the best way to express the feeling that our team is going through at the moment. SBC is NOT an incubator, it’s a well-oiled, full of gas, speed racing car, taking you from 0 to 200 km/h, not in 3 months, but in just a week. From the first moment you step into the office, you set off on this adventure with back to back meetings, mentorship, strategy, techniques, workshops and the list goes on.

But you’re not thrown in the deep-end, if you need help, expertise or anything, ask and they will make it happen! It’s really impressive the level of organization and responsiveness of the SBC team. This is a real program, with real interaction.

Haris Petrasitis, CEO Teach ‘n Go

Arriving at Startupbootcamp on the first day, we really didn’t know what to expect. We knew of course that we would have a cool working space, workshops helping us out on different aspects of our business and that there would be mentors to advise us on every topic and follow up on our progress. What we didn’t know was how intense and exciting it is to create a startup!

During the last month we have learned so much through workshops, mentors and experience that it seriously feels like we’re taking an extra degree at university!

Usually 28 days take 28 days to go by. At Startupbootcamp 28 days go by in what feels like a week.

SBC has given us an awesome working place in the heart of Amsterdam and you can’t help but feel lucky to come to this office every day. SBC has a very large network of experts, mentors and investors who are more than willing to help in any way they can. I honestly believe it’s impossible to contact all these people by yourself, especially if you don’t have a large network. I’m quite sure that anyone you want to contact is either in the SBC network, or there is someone who can introduce you to them and this has really helped us approach leads.

With guidance and connections you get at SBC you can be sure that you will start a company in 3 months which is ready to scale to a global business.

Michail Boloudakis, Co-Founder and CEO Kinems

For Kinems the first month at Startupbootcamp Amsterdam was focused on exposure: to knowledge, experts and networking.

We were provided access to informed opinions and data. The intensive coaching by highly experienced internal & invited experts, the mentoring sessions, the events like pitch practicing have helped us understand the challenges ahead of us and consider things we haven’t considered before, especially with regards to business and customer development.

Kinems network has grown significantly. We are building strong relationships with learning disability centers, experts in special education and successful business people in education and health care.

We have a set of mentors, experts and of course our SBC partners who challenge us, make us better and really raise the bar. The people and the product of Kinems start-up are changing… for the better. Stay tuned for the Kinems new game that will be released mid of May and other achievements…

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