How Will NFC Change Your Life?

How Will NFC Change Your Life?

05-Jun-2013 by Startupbootcamp

There is a lot of discussion going on about what value NFC adds in different industries but let’s just imagine how NFC can change our daily life by making smartphones much more useful.

7:25 – Julia is at the railway station. The train to her office leaves in 5 minutes. Julia buys a coffee by tapping her NFC-enabled phone on a reader in the station shop.

7:30 – She gets on a train, using her phone. She is not late. She did not need to stand in a queue to buy either a ticket or a coffee.

7:32 – She sees a poster advertising a new collection at her favourite shop. She touches the poster with her phone and downloads an electronic discount voucher valid for the day.

8:15 – When she arrives at her office, Julia touches her NFC-enabled phone to the office gate to unlock the security mechanism and get in.

10:00 – Julia realises that she left her bag on the train. Luckily, she discovers an email from a person who found it and contacted her with the help of Tag-a-bag service.

Noon – She orders her lunch via a mobile app and picks it up without a queue in a nearby café.

13:00 – After lunch, Julia attends an event where she gives a presentation. She makes a lot of new connections there and exchanges contacts with potential partners by tapping phones.

18:00 – Julia is in her favourite shop. She taps her NFC handset against the welcome terminal at the entrance.The store’s app on her phone opens up and shows what items from the new collection are available in her size. She looks at these items and taps the NFC tags of those that get her attention. On her phone, she can see more information about the clothes she liked. Julia buys one dress by tapping her NFC phone against a point of sale terminal, which automatically recognizes and redeems the downloaded discount voucher and adjusts the price.

18:30 – Julia is in the train on her way back home. On her smartphone she looks through the items she liked in the store once again and decides to buy a skirt too. She clicks a button in the app and orders it.

19:00 – While walking home from the station, Julia sees a billboard showing a campaign for clean water in Africa. Julia touches the billboard with her phone and makes a donation.

19:15 – Julia arrives home. By tapping her phone on an NFC tag at the front door, she turns on her ringer and Wi-Fi. In the room she touches her speakers with her NFC-enabled phone and relaxing music switches on.

Great video about various use cases of NFC

As you can see by following the links in this post there are many great startups which already work on solutions that can make lives of thousands of people like Julia easier and more enjoyable. Startupbootcamp believes in the solutions that bring changes.

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