Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make & Startup Stories – Weekly Overview

Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make & Startup Stories – Weekly Overview

06-May-2013 by Startupbootcamp

SESSION: 25 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make and the Lessons Learnt

Manny Soar

Serial entrepreneur, Manny Soar, gave the startups a session about common mistakes entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them. Here’s is the most important mistakes according to the startups:

#4 We can’t sell!

Solution: Everyone in the team should enroll, show passion.

#11 Advisors know best and have experience.

Solution: Find the right balance of advisors, get a second opinion.

#12 There’s no competition.

Solution: Understand the ecosystem around you, keep your eyes open to competition.

#22 Keeping control and ownership at all cost.

Solution: Have a smaller percentage or a larger pie.

#23 The accountant does the books

Solution: Understand and watch the monthly cash.

Click here to see the other mistakes and the full presentation (slides and audio) by Manny Soar.

EVENT! Firestarters Masterclass Startup Stories (free entrance)

Vodafone Firestarters will be organising an event about Startup Stories on Thursday May 16th. Guestspeakers are Patrick de Zeeuw (Startupbootcamp), Luca Botticelli (Alive Shoes) and Jan Thij Bakker (Thuisafgehaald). Young startups are invited to join the conversation about how to run a successful startup.

Patrick de Zeeuw does an introduction about Startupbootcamp and talks about his new book I’m Hungry. Luca Botticelli will be presenting Alive Shoes, The gateway to the talents of the largest cluster of shoemakers on the planet- Italy’s Shoe Valley. Design, create, produce and sell your own sneakers & shoes to a global market. Jan Thij bakker from Thuisafgehaald will be bringing some home made snacks and talks about the ups and downs of running a startup.

Entrance is free and there will be drinks and snacks.
Location: Firestarters Forum (Vodafone HQ, 6th Floor)
Date: Thursday May 16th, 18:00 – 20:00
RSVP: Send a mail to jessica@vodafonefirestarters.nl or visit the facebookpage

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