Startupbootcamp Amsterdam's How to: Negotiate a Term Sheet.

Startupbootcamp Amsterdam's How to: Negotiate a Term Sheet.

06-May-2013 by Startupbootcamp

Term sheet negotiations can sound very scary, especially if it’s your first time at the table. Many startups, when facing a negotiation, could end up falling in the following scenario:

  • You get a term sheet, and like some of what you see, for example, the price.

  • For possible reasons (pressure, excitement, lack of understanding, etc.) you sign the term sheet to get to the next stage.

  • You get the draft deal docs based on that term sheet.

  • You start reading through them and consult with your lawyer and see a lot of scary stuff.

  • Some of that stuff was actually in the original term sheet at a high level.

  • You start pushing back on these terms that you don’t like.

That’s why Startupbootcamp Amsterdam in cooperation with its event partners and Amsterdamse Innovatie Motor will held the first Startupbootcamp Amsterdam’s How to: Negotiate a Term Sheet on Thursday, June 13th from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM.

This event gives you all the answers to questions such as: How a startup negotiates with potential investors and what a term sheet has to look like? What terms are actually being discussed and who is going to be involved? More than answering, we will show you how to do it!

Visit the event “Startupbootcamp Amsterdam’s how to: Negotiate a term sheet” and see a live negotiation between an investor, an entrepreneur, and their lawyers following an interactive Q&A session.

Register for free via and use the event to prepare own first investor negotiation:

Venture on, your Startupbootcamp Team!

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