FAQs Berlin

FAQs Berlin

14-May-2013 by Startupbootcamp

What stage of startup are you looking for?

We’re mostly looking for seed stage startups, but if you’re at a slightly earlier or more advanced stage, you could still be what we’re looking for. Our number one criteria is the quality of the team.

I have an early stage startup. Why should I apply to Startupbootcamp?

Startups which join Startupbootcamp get one year of experience, connections and exposure in three months. The 10 selected teams get: 15.000 euros in microfunding, 450.000 euros worth of goodies from our partners, 6 months of free co-working space, and over 120 fantastic mentors. The program concludes with a Demo Day, where teams get the chance to pitch to over 400 investors and VCs.

When does the program start?

Startupbootcamp Berlin runs for 3 months from 5th August to 29th October 2013. SBC in other cities runs at different times of the year, some with a specific focus. For a full list of programs, click here.

What differentiates Startupbootcamp Berlin from other accelerators?

We are the accelerator for global startups, and we only invest in great people that we believe will do great things. We have 6 programs running in 5 cities (Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Berlin and Haifa) and have Europe’s best and widest network of alumni and mentors. We are entrepreneurs ourselves and teams see us as the world’s most useful co-founders.

How are Mercedes-Benz, HDI and Bosch involved?

These global brands have come together with Startupbootcamp Berlin to form SBC2go, with a focus on mobility, connectivity and big data. Startups are given access to the key people (such as VPs of Engineering), distribution channels and marketing expertise. In return, these leading brands see open innovation in action and get to connect with our ecosystem of entrepreneurs and mentors.

Do you only accept startups working in the field of mobility, connectivity and big data?

No, any startup can apply. These themes are our areas of interest but our main goal is to find exceptional startups.

Why should I move to Berlin?

More importantly, why not? Berlin is a growing creative tech-hub, with startups such as 6Wunderkinder, Wooga, Research Gate, and Soundcloud. Rents are very low for a European capital, and the city is renowned for its friendly and supportive atmosphere, and creative, artistic and music scenes. Many entrepreneurs choose Berlin to take advantage of the network of startups helping each other out. Experience it for yourself!

What does Startupbootcamp get in return?

In return for the benefits of the program, we ask for 8% equity.

Can I apply as a single founder?

We prefer teams of at least two co-founders, Startupbootcamp is probably too intense for a single founder to take full advantage of.

Can I join the program part time?

No, the program is very intensive and requires full time presence in Berlin. We want teams to get maximum value out of Startupbootcamp. Plus one of the great benefits of Startupbootcamp is the 9 other teams.

How can I improve my chances of getting onto the program?

Three ways:

1) Apply (and get selected) for one of our pitch days and meet us in person.

2) Get introduced by one of our mentors or alumni.

3) Apply online and demonstrate your traction by keeping us updated.

I’ve pitched at one of the Startupbootcamp Pitch Days. What now?

Thank you for joining us. As soon as applications close on June 2nd we will begin interviews with the top teams. Teams whom we met at a Pitch Day have a leg up in that we already have a good data point on them. We expect to select the top 20 teams for our selection days, which take place on 5-6 July.

Can you tell me more about what I can expect from the program day to day?

The program is very intense. You’ll be working in our huge coworking space, shared with the 9 other startups, and a lot of time is spent with the mentors. Some of it is in groups, some of it is just your startup. You’ll have a lot of perks available on the program, for example full-time members of staff dedicated to helping startups, free lunches, and a ping pong table. This should relieve some of the pressure of accelerating your business, so you can get the most out of your working time. You can read more about the benefits available to startups on our blogpost 10 reasons to apply for Startupbootcamp Berlin.

Have we missed anything?

Just drop us an email at berlin@startupbootcamp.org

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