SBC A'dam – Investor Sneak Preview #1

SBC A'dam – Investor Sneak Preview #1

21-May-2013 by Startupbootcamp

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Last Tuesday (14th May) Startupbootcamp Amsterdam held its first Investor Sneak Preview of the ‘13 program.

Our startups pitched in front of 20-25 angel investors and investors from large companies such as Vodafone and ABN AMRO.

One of the biggest challenges for every startup is selling and getting investment. According to Co-Founder of Startupbootcamp Patrick de Zeeuw “Many startups lack the experience and network to connect to early angel investors & early stage VC’s. I also see that very often they are not well prepared to present their startup to investors. their story is not clear, they do not know exactly what they need the funding for and what their funding strategy is. Lack of network and bad preparation result into big challenges.Moreover, I often see startups juggling between searching for investors and working on their product/solution. For this lack of time and experience we help the startups in overcoming challenges.”

Hence, Startupbootcamp Amsterdam organize the Investor Sneak Previews which has as the main goals the following:

-Provide the investor with an opportunity to be the first to see Startupbootcamp Amsterdam teams: After Demo Day, the valuation of startups can increase substantially. Therefore, the sneak preview allows some investors to get on board earlier. For the startups, it helps to potentially close a first round of investment.

-Help startups to prepare for Demo Day: With 41 days until Demo Day, the teams need to practice their pitch in a regular basis. Pitching in front of a large crowd helps them to start getting the feeling of a Demo Day.

-Give feedback/questions to improve the pitches: Investors play a crucial part on pitches when it comes to feedback. They are a tough crowd to please hence, the best one! They help the startups to answer questions such as: Am I showing the right traction? Is my business model clear? Do they understand well the problem that my product solves?

Below, you can see testimonials from the investors about the Sneak Preview #1

-Daniël Merkus: “It was great to get a feel of what these teams are trying to do. A lot of fun too”.

-Ruben Visser: “Interesting to know more about the current financial position/shareholders. Very good event”.

-Arthur van de Poll: “High quality selection, most of the time, I’m missed a short summary (screenshot, flow) on what the product or solution solves.

-Guido Vervelde: “Great presentations, great teams”.

-Willem Middelkoop: “Well run and organized”.

-Willem Malherbe: “High quality ideas and presentation. Wasn’t always clear what the companies were looking for and how they will use it (money, strategy, investor, expansion, etc)”.

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