Mentor kick-off – Berlin 2013

Mentor kick-off – Berlin 2013

08-May-2013 by Startupbootcamp

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On Monday, Startupbootcamp Berlin treated its mentors to tickets for the Re:publica conference, finishing the day with a fantastic kick-off event to warm up for the 2013 program starting in August. The event was held in the evening sun, on a terrace overlooking the Re:publica crowd gathered outside after a long day of interesting talks.


Arriving guests were offered a refreshing homemade Mentor Power Drink and new mentors were given a beautiful African scarf – something a little different to traditional goodie bags! To spice things up, guests were photographed with a Polaroid camera and the resulting snaps were displayed all over a picture wall where mentors could scribble their comments next to the shots.

Due to the brilliant sunshine on the terrace, using a projector was impossible. Alex Farcet Startupbootcamp Co-founder had to improvise without his presentation, and conducted his speech with the help of his daughter’s hand drawn slides. By now, the atmosphere had turned into an almost family-like gathering, which was accentuated by the bean bags and hammock decorating the terrace.

After a general update about the progress of Startupbootcamp Berlin’12 alumni, Aritra Ghosh Business Innovation at Daimler and Gitte Bedford VP at Robert Bosch Venture Capital both gave an enthusiastic speech about the partnership between Startupbootcamp Berlin with Mercedes-Benz, HDI and Bosch.

Mentors were given a ‘fast-track’ pass which allows them to refer a particularly special startup to Startupbootcamp Berlin. Startups who have been given the pass automatically obtain an interview before the program starts to see if they would make a good fit.

Overall it was a great opportunity to catch up and connect mentors together to start the Berlin 2013 program at full power. Were you one of the 90+ mentors who attended the event? See if our photographer snapped you here. Thanks for joining!

Application Deadline: June 2nd

Selection Days: July 5th – July 6th

Program Starts: August 5th

Mentor Power Juice

Startupbootcamp Picture wall

Mentor Kick-off

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