Termsheet Battle – The Nordic Tour

Termsheet Battle – The Nordic Tour

17-Apr-2013 by Startupbootcamp

Are you anywhere near Helsinki, Oslo or Stockholm the last week of May? Are you an entrepreneur dreaming of external funding, do you consider to become a business angel yourself or are you simply a big fan of Dragons Den and Shark Tank?
“Hi, my name is Mark and I’m here to ask for $300.000 in return for a 30% equity stake in my company”… Sorry to break it to you but this is NOT how it goes down in the real world.

A Series A termsheet negotiation is the possible beginning of a strong long-term relationship between a startup and an investor, but it is still business where both parties are looking for the best deal possible. Therefore it is not simply agreed over coffee with a handshake. It is a tactical chess game based on experience, knowledge, patience, wordings and… commas.
It has for long been a closed world, one you don’t get to know or experience until you are sitting in the middle of it.

We are changing that! We want to open the doors that were shut, let you experience the rules of engagement and teach you the tactics.
By seating 2 seasoned venture capitalists at one side of a table, facing a hot local startup with an experienced startup lawyer on the other side, we have created the perfect battlefield for the parties to negotiate the Series A termsheet that lies in front of them – This will all happen LIVE with an audience of more than 200 entrepreneurs, angels, VC’s and students, listening to every twist of words, seeing every wink, every low-kick under the table.

In order to bring this to YOUR city Startupbootcamp has once again teamed up with Termsheet Battle and this time partnered up with the very best from the scandinavian startup scene!

We bring you:

  • Creandum – Without doubt one of the hottest venture funds in Europe right now, having just raised a new fund of €135 million. Creandum is famous for being the first investors in Spotify and for having Wrapp, iZettle, and Vivino in their portfolio as well – Just to mention a few.
  • Sunstone Capital – With approx €700 million in total funds Sunstone is today one of the leading and most active independent venture capital investors in the Nordics. Known for investments in Prezi, Issue, Podio, Paymill and the list goes on…
  • Bird&Bird – The number 1 european startup lawfirm. With offices in 23 countries across Europe, Asia and the Middle East and formal ties with five leading independent law firms, they have established a network of the best local advisors around the world.

This whole thing will go down in:

Helsinki on the 28th, where ArcticStartup will help us lighting up the gorgeous Apollo Live Club!
Eventbrite for Termsheet Battle at Apollo Live Club, Helsinki

Oslo on the 30th, where MESH is opening their doors to THE startup environment in Norway!
Eventbrite for Termsheet Battle at MESH, Oslo

and Stockholm on the 31st, where KTH will help us with the grand finale of this Nordic Tour of Termsheet Battles!
Eventbrite for Termsheet Battle at KTH Sing Sing, Stockholm

Ending the Nordics Tour in May, Termsheet Battle will move to Berlin and create the next battle at the Angel Bootcamp the 7th of June!

Startupbootcamp Pitch Day events will hit every city prior to the battles where we want to invite the coolest local startups on stage to pitch in front of 4 of our high profile mentors, investors and angels and get feedback for 25 minutes – This will happen just before we open the doors to the Termsheet Battle! You can apply for the Pitch Days at: http://www.f6s.com/startupbootcampapplications#programs/ajax-application


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