Finalists Feedback #1

Finalists Feedback #1

04-Mar-2013 by Startupbootcamp

The Final Selection Days ended, the finalists were chosen. Now, all teams are back to their home countries to set up everything in order to be at the Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Headquarters at 2nd April. After extensive feedback sessions with more than 70 mentors, the teams now had time to digest it all. We asked them to share their thoughts on their experience. The result you see here in the first post of a series of Finalists Feedback:

Anthony Ng Monica: CEO Swogo

 Swogo gets the SBC Amsterdam ticket!

“Our time in Amsterdam has been hectic, exhausting, and incredible. We feel as if we’ve gained so much business insight, made vital connections – and this is just the start. We even managed to touch-base with the competitor of a major player we were looking to contact! Amsterdam is a beautiful city, but much more than that, it’s a city with a vast entrepreneurial scene, innovative technology, and a great network – it’s perfect for us to test the market.

We’re looking forward to being mentored by a global network of business a-listers, and connecting to companies such as Microsoft, Vodafone, Samsung, and Adatus. These kind of connections will be ideal for our upcoming expansion into the US, as well as guiding us in the right direction for our business. We want to turn our ideas into a focused vision, and can’t wait to see what Demo Day will bring.”

Luca Botticelli: CEO Alive Shoes

“Selection days are really a big test for startups. Pitching 20+ times and having 30 minutes Q&A with those top quality mentors inside the Vodafone HQ is really an experience. It’s like a big mirror, you can’t lie. You don’t have time to think, you just have to show what you have on the table.

Alive Shoes on their last pitch

We had an amazing journey through marketing, finance and product questions. Also, we received big feedbacks from big heads.

Most of the mentors loved our product. They admired our innovation, they liked our different point of view and they all loved our commitment.

We really liked their concreteness, their critical thinking skills, their natural ability to add new prospective to our product, and, most of all we liked that they were curious like kids, and that they were having lots of fun.

I am sure we have found a great group of people that will help us grow and will mentor us in this escalade to create a global company. I always say, if it’s hard… it’s good! It was hard, and it was so good.”

David Arnoux: CMO Twoodo


Twoodo was chosen in the top 9 of a total of 550 applicants to join Startupbootcamp Amsterdam. We are really excited to have joined the program. After intensive sessions of “speed pitching”, here is a top 10 list of the things we learned during the selection process of the accelerator and especially the last 2 days of the “finals”.the next level of development.

1. It’s all about the team.

It’s always possible to steer away from a bad idea or concept if you’re working with the right people.

2. Why are you doing this?

We’re creating Twoodo to revolutionize the way people collaborate online. Why are you launching your idea or concept?

3. Always be pitching

You should always be ready to pitch your idea.

4. Everyone in your team should be ready to pitch

Make sure that your whole team has at least learned your one minute pitch by heart.

5. What is the pain you are solving?

Clearly and concisely explain what pain or problem you are solving using examples everyone can understand.

6. Have a demo ready

If you have a demo or prototype of your product ready it will help you gain precious time.

7. Be ready to pivot, change your presentation

If someone confronts you and gives you good and challenging input, use it!

8. Don’t take things personally

If someone hates your idea or doesn’t understand it, don’t take things personally.

9. Be lean, launch now!

Start testing your product live now!

10. If someone from your team is missing, prove they really exist

It’s always good to be able to put a face on a name.

(Bonus point) Smile and be happy!

If you go around looking happy to be there and confident about your ideas you’ll get much better energy from the people you talk to.

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