Key message to SBC mobility mentors :"Shape-build-sell!"

Key message to SBC mobility mentors :"Shape-build-sell!"

22-Mar-2013 by Startupbootcamp

In an intimate atmosphere, Startupbootcamp hosted last night the first Mentor Kick off event for the Mobility program.The evening started in a relaxed and cozy ambiance, with mentors enjoying a glass of wine and the discussions with the others, just until the official start of the evening.

Niels Mikkelsen and Claudia Lillebjerg Simonsen were among other attending the event

After a brief intro to the evening from Lars, Peter Torstensen – CEO Symbion came up on stage. He spoke about the growth vision of the startup community, by creating a large funnel of interested, enthusiastic young entrepreneurs which can be nurtured and matured with the mentors support and engagement. This can be used afterwards as a good platform for selecting the best talents and the most promising startup ideas. He emphasized with this occasion the added value the mentors are bringing not only to the startup teams, but also to the community in general.

Next on stage was Nick Hawtin fron ConnectDenmark. Spiced with personal anecdotes, Nick’s message to the mentors was that they should keep in mind that the great learning experience is not only on the teams side, but also on theirs. All they need to have is the right mindset.

Nick Hawtin speech during the Mentor Kick off

Henrik from The Eye Tribe, one of the Alumni teams from the former SBC Copenhagen programme, shared backstage insights from the time The Eye Tribe was part of the programme. He talked about the huge benefits the team gained from the mentors’ inputs, as well as the challenging moments the old mentoring programme sometimes created. He added that matching mentors to teams already from the the selection days is going to bring more value to the 10 selected teams.

Last on stage was Lars Buch who made a quick run through the programme and the next stages until the first 10 teams will be selected. Applications period will open on April 1st, followed in the months up until the 31st of August by several Open Pitch Days, which will serve as scouting for great teams, and culminating with the Selection Day, where the best 10 teams out of the 20 semi-finalists will be invited to join the 3 months programme. He also mentioned the partnership with Symbion Accelerace, that will offer a follow up growth program to the teams taking part in the SBC programme.

Last but not least, he pointed out that one of the key success elements of the programme is the mentors and their engagement. Focusing on the “Shape-build-sell” principle, which in essence describes how each successful exit is usually precedeed by the startup’s nurture and consolidation by
mentors, he encouraged them to keep an eye on the interesting and highly potential startup teams even before the official start of the programme.
The final touch of the evening was an unexpected surprise: all mentors were called to join “the last Harlem Shake done for the first time ever by an
accelerator” lead featuring Mads Erhardt.

Enjoy and feel free to share it!


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