Startupbootcamp Israel: Teams announced for first accelerator!

Startupbootcamp Israel: Teams announced for first accelerator!

25-Feb-2013 by Startupbootcamp

Welcome to Startupbootcamp: Pixtr, Voiceittt, Tribzi, VeryMe, VideoStir, TheNameIs and digital thieves, Thingies!

Program starts 27th Jan.

Centre: Paul-René Albertini (Chairman), Shahar Namer (CEO), Shai Haim (COO) & Kalam Ali (VP Senior Analyst) launch Startupbootcamp in Israel
Centre: Paul-René Albertini (Chairman), Shahar Namer (CEO), Shai Haim (COO) & Kalam Ali (VP Senior Analyst) launch Startupbootcamp in Israel

On Sunday the 13th of January, Startupbootcamp Israel held its first Team Announcement event at IBM Labs in Haifa.

We had a fantastic turnout. The SBC Israel team were thrilled to meet the many mentors, investors and our contacts from Israel and abroad. At one point our hosts IBM Labs counted up to two hundred attendees!

The event started with a welcoming address from Shahar Namer (CEO) which was quickly followed by Paul-René Albertini (Chairman) discussing the pace of tech developments during his previous tenure in the music industry & the importance of being consumer centric. He also discussed the changes taking place in venture capital and the rationale behind Sushi Venture Partners’ decision to organise the accelerator program in Israel. Kalam Ali (VP Senior Analyst) went over what product dev looks like now and why accelerators make sense. Next up were five minute team presentations by SBC Israel teams: Pixtr, Voiceittt, VideoStir, Thingies, VeryMe, Tribzi, Startupmotion and Thenameis followed by mentor sessions and networking. Team descriptions are included below.

All of us at SBC Israel would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to all who attended. The continuous stream of positive feedback and compliments were very much appreciated. Additionally we would like to thank IBM Labs and Haifa University for hosting us and providing excellent support throughout making the event a resounding success.

Startupbootcamp Israel formally starts on the 27th of January. The accelerator will see selected teams fast track product development utilising access to key mentors and developing partnerships with media & tech corporates over three months culminating with an investor demo day on the 25th of April.

We look forward to working with our teams and mentors to showcase the best Israeli startups to a global audience of investors and corporates this April.

Welcome onboard SBC Teams!

Follow their progress on @SBCIsrael

*[POST EDIT: March 1st 2013]

VeryMe, originally featured in this post, have decided to pursue new opportunities in their sector. We wish Guy Dolev & Moti Levi the very best in their new ventures and thank them for participating in our first accelerator program.

Startupbootcamp Israel 2013 Teams

PIXTR – “Putting your best face forward”: Mobile app and image processing tech for automatic image manipulation. Currently focused on improving facial features. Team – Aviv Gadot, Yaron Recher, Avner Barr.
Cofounders Aviv & Yaron have a simple and elegant way to make all of us look better in pics snapped on mobile phones.
VOICEITTT – Patent protected engine that recognises voice intonation and intention enabling the easy creation of voice intonation activated apps. Team – Danny Weissberg, Stas Tiomkin, Shalom Drori, Ori Shechter & Orna Luz.
Danny & his team are creating the next wave of voice interfaces and controls for apps.
TRIBZI – “Empower consumers to have their say – share their ideas – have a positive impact on your brand – be part of your promotional campaigns.” – a sales landing page widget to allow users to be active in the promotion of merchandise bought online. Team – Tomer Harry, Shiran Cohen.
Shiran & Tomer’s widget incentivises shoppers to share their purchases and encourage the promotion of e-store offers that can potentially increase sales.
THINGIES – “If you like it…. Steal it” – Social game where users exchange items they own by stealing from one another. Beta available on Israeli AppStore – Team – Oz Barzilay, Ayala Barzilay, Oded Priva.
Digital theft is addictive and growing. Oz, Ayala & Oded have created an engaging way to share pictures of the things we love.
VIDEOSTIR – “A free virtual spokesperson on top of any website in minutes!” – Easily record and overlay a personalised greeting & walk through or tutorial of your web service. Targeting SMBs with multiple applications for improving engagement across to online education & tutorials. Team – Shy Frenkel.
Shy is bringing film industry green screen tech to the masses – their first application allows anyone to create a “video spokesperson” on a website.
STARTUPMOTION – In-house Sushi Venture Partners project. A crowdfunder for the best Israeli startups, launching on Sushi.VC, which visualises traction, makes sense of valuation, enables teams to raise funding for product development and offer investors potential upside from exits. Team – Kalam Ali (SVP), Kai Turner (Oxidant), Itzik Mizrachi & Or Ron (Cellutions).
Kalam (SVP), Kai (product) & Itzik/Or (build) are working on better ways to help potential investors in tech startups reach informed decisions and fund the best teams.
*VERYME – Secure Identity verification – a patent pending method to validate the virtual identity of people addressing the growing problem of identity theft and abuse. Team – Guy Dolev, Dr. Moti Levi.
Guy & Moti are utlising their extensive knowledge of identification systems to create a scalable system for validating individuals across the web.
THENAME.IS – “ delivers real-time, interactive, aggregated and relevant information about a person in video snapshots” – The current MVP creates beautiful and informative video profiles useful for business pre-meeting intelligence. Alternatively they would also useful for assessing prospects on dating websites. Team – Dror Galis, Dovev Goldstein, Roee Lotan, Aviad Eshed.
Cofounders Dror & Dovev are finalising their working prototype of a profile builder that easily creates a voice and video intro for your LinkedIn or related profiles.


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