Startupbootcamp Israel: Legal Session

Startupbootcamp Israel: Legal Session

06-Feb-2013 by Startupbootcamp

Nadav Doffman-Gour Startupbootcamp Israel

Today at SBCIsrael, attorney Nadav Doffman-Gour gave the teams a thought provoking session about the legal aspects of open source licensing. The session started withcoverage of what Intellectual Property in general is and what it covers, and quickly converged to the above topic. Most teams were left with lots of homework to map the consequences of the issues raised. At least now they are equiped with the knowledge of things to be aware of and questions to ask their legal advisers.

Some key take aways:

  • Beware of the popular GPL license as it is contagious like a virus on derivative works
  • BSD and MIT licenses are more permissive
  • Make sure you include license documentation if you deliver your project to clients
  • Note the license edition you are using

And then it was back to the drawing board:


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