VMW Taxand to offer pre-mediation consultation to Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Class 2013

VMW Taxand to offer pre-mediation consultation to Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Class 2013


Preventing conflicts before they occur to keep start-ups focussed on their concepts


Amsterdam, Netherlands, 16 January 2013 –Startupbootcamp Amsterdam, a pan-European startup accelerator has announced that its partner law and tax firm VMW Taxand will provide pre-mediation consultation to start-ups participating in Startupbootcamp Amsterdam 2013.

VMW Taxand pre-mediators will advise start-ups on how to deal with potential conflicts before they arise allowing participating teams to focus their attention on developing their business ideas during the course of the programme.

Participating start-ups of the Startupbootcamp programme in Amsterdam will be offered a series of consultations between the co-owners or shareholders of start-ups. These will be led by a pre-mediator of VMW Taxand and VMW Taxand’s network of pre-mediators. The objective of these sessions is to help prevent conflicts, ensuring all parties involved are working towards a common goal. Roelof Vos, mentor at Startupbootcamp Amsterdam and mediator at VMW Taxand, believes pre-mediation is very important in the start-up phase: “At the start of the cooperation, the relationship between the parties is obviously positive. Nonetheless, this can be deceptive: parties do not appreciate that they might find themselves on different sides of the fence at some time in the future.” Patrick de Zeeuw, co-founder of Startupbootcamp and CEO of Startupbootcamp Amsterdam, is excited about the pre-mediation offering by VMW Taxand: “One of the main reasons for start-ups not being successful, failing and cease to exist are so-called ‘team explosions’. Even though we have not seen major conflict in the start-ups to date, we do feel that the pre-mediation offered by VMW Taxand will help our new start-ups; including during and after the programme. The pressure on the teams is immense during the programme and increases afterwards when components like new shareholders, employees and customers come into the equation. All these aspects require internal alignment. In the end start-ups can only be successful and grow – internationally – if built on a solid basis of a strong and complementary team of founders, shareholders and employees. Pre-mediation helps create this from the start. Our goal is to prepare the start-ups for all eventualities. This service will certainly contribute to that.” The new season of Startupbootcamp Amsterdam will kick off on April 2, 2013. Start-ups can apply for a spot in the finals until the 20th of January: https://www.startupbootcamp.org/europeans-cities/amsterdam/

About Startupbootcamp

Startupbootcamp (or “SBC”) is the European start-up accelerator with a mentor and alumni network from 30+ countries across the globe. The accelerator program offers start-ups a chance to get intense exposure over the course of three months to world class industry experts, who are also available as mentors. Bundled with seed investment, free co-working space and plenty of sponsor deals, start-ups typically boast years of results in only three months. At the end of the programme, start-ups pitch at Investor Demo Day and over fifty percent of the teams have gone on to receive additional funding. The programme currently runs quarterly during the year in Copenhagen, Berlin, Amsterdam, Haifa and Dublin and only selects ten startups each cycle.

About VMW Taxand

VMW Taxand is an independent firm where lawyers, tax experts and civil law notaries work in an integrated international law practice. VMW Taxand has four practice groups: corporate law, labour law, administrative & criminal law and tax law. VMW Taxand is the exclusive Dutch member of Taxand, the world’s largest independent tax organization. They are also the Dutch member of Globalaw, a worldwide network of lawyers.VWM Taxand will provide all start-ups with mentoring and free legal and fiscal advise during Startupbootcamp Amsterdam. VMW Taxand has strong international expertise in the online gaming, gambling and mobile industry.

Contact Details

Patrick de Zeeuw – co-founder of Startupbootcamp and CEO of Startupbootcamp Amsterdam


+31 (0)6 8142 9654

Roelof Vos – mediator at VMW Taxand


+31 (0)6 5135 0966