Open Pitch Day at Startupbootcamp Amsterdam

Open Pitch Day at Startupbootcamp Amsterdam

03-Jan-2013 by Startupbootcamp
Wednesday, December 19th, Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Headquarters.

Yesterday we had our last Open Pitch Day of the year! 15 startups from the Netherlands, Germany, Chile, India, Ukraine, USA, Australia, Macedonia and Spain pitched live or via Skype to some of our world-class mentors. Among the jury, we had Kees van Nunen, Co-founder SNTMNT and Organizer of the Lean Startup Machine; Kim Oreskovic, founder of Innoviance Consulting BV; Ronald Doodkorte, Founder of Venturesomething; Jonathan Marks, Director at Critical Distance; Rob Kurver, CEO at Voipro International and Marc Wesselink, Director of the SBC Amsterdam Alumni Growth Program. Each team could pitch their startup in 4 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of feedback and Q&A.

All teams received very valuable feedback and left with more experience from the session. Practicing pitching is fundamental for the teams. Many startups underestimate the power of a great pitch. However, pitching is the way that a startup has to introduce their idea and team to investors, mentors and VC’s.

As a startup, you should always be prepared to pitch with the following topics in mind:

  • Your team: This is what makes or breaks the startup!
  • The pain you are solving: Develop a connection with the user, what does he need?
  • How you solve it (the technology): Is your idea viable?
  • Traction: What do people think about your product?

The broadcast could be followed on twitter under the hashtag #SBCAmsterdam, you can also see the pictures on our Facebook page.

Here are some quotes from mentors and startups. Find out what they have to say about the program, their hopes and needs:

Patrick de Zeeuw: In this phase we are really looking forward to see your traction, what people think about your product? Is the public interested?

Team1: We are a small team but ready to move and recruit in Amsterdam!

Patrick de Zeeuw: Many teams can transfer their idea into a product. However, going to market is way more difficult.

Team2: We are developing our business model. Startupbootcamp is what we need for acceleration and mentorship!

Kees van Nunen: We are interested in the background of your team, the successes and failures. We want to see if you can make progress fast.

Patrick de Zeeuw: Two main questions a startup has to answer are: What have you learned from your competition? What you are going to do differently?

Team3: What is your approach with teams that already picked up funding before?

Patrick de Zeeuw: Teams all have different reasons why they apply. We don’t have a problem with that on our side. The investment we provide is more than just the money, it is the world-class mentorship. We support you during and after the program to guarantee that you are going to succeed!

Team3:Our team is looking for international markets to increase our user platform. This is the main assistance Startupbootcamp Amsterdam can provide for us.

Team4: We lack mentorship. Our team needs advice in order to understand the market and expand.
Patrick de Zeeuw: How does your team build trust?

Ronald Doodkorte: How do you scale up? Always think about the international market.

Kees van Nunen: What do your customers want?

Patrick de Zeeuw: Always come up with an easy solution for your users to give you feedback. Implement that in your website/application to create awareness.

Team5: Our idea is working. However, we need more brains, experience and speed to market. We are here for the mentors and also for the exposure we get being part of the Startupbootcamp program.

Marc Wesselink: Niche markets are always the best ones!

Patrick de Zeeuw: The technology you are developing is fundamental for your product to succeed. Always have a CTO on board!

Team6: I have plenty of ideas… Sometimes this is difficult because I need to focus on one thing at a time.

Jonathan Marks: When pitching an idea, always think of a real life example.

Team7: We want to go to the European market as soon as possible but we don’t have many connections. That’s why I’m so excited to pitch and have a chance to be part of Startupbootcamp Amsterdam.

Patrick de Zeeuw: An acceleration program is a pressure cooker. A strong team with 3 or more members is fundamental to balance nerves and it is a green flag for us.

Patrick de Zeeuw: When putting together your team, go for someone that is a rockstar in a subject you suck at! Teams that have complementary skills have an advantage.

Team8: We are looking for guidance, scalability and promotion of our idea. Startupbootcamp program will be a huge boost for us!

Team9: We searched for large markets. Europe is one of them and we want to get there and quick. Amsterdam will be central for us.

Have you got excited? Are you ready to accelerate? The application deadline is getting close! Only 30 days to go. Apply now and maybe you will get picked to pitch for us in January! Click here for more information about the Startupbootcamp Amsterdam program. Good Luck! We hope to see you soon!


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