When are you ready for your own startup?

When are you ready for your own startup?

05-Dec-2012 by Startupbootcamp

Patrick de Zeeuw talks about the difficulties faced by many entrepreneurs via Nu.nl

Many startups are formed by young, driven and tech savvy entrepreneurs. They dream of transforming their idea into a product that will conquer and change the world.

The startups go from an idea to a product into a company. Each of these different phases bring along their own challenges. Often the founders of a startup simply do not have the knowledge, experience or the right business sense to transform their product into a real company structure, the (growth) phases. To actually build up a company you need to be able to be well up to speed with a large number of business aspects.

Recent research showed that the most successful founders of tech startups are around 29 years old, with a business background and have some years of working experience. Not a very surprising result. You have to have some corporate experience to know how the business rolls, they have made mistakes and celebrated successes. This is important for an entrepreneur, to have reasonable sense of business and how things can go.

There are a number of years that we can define as a sweet spot where startup founders are ready to successfully start a business. We believe this sweet spot is somewhere between 28 and 35 years old, but we like to challenge anyone outside of this category to prove we are wrong!

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