Viewsy Wins IBM SmartCamp London

Viewsy Wins IBM SmartCamp London

05-Dec-2012 by Startupbootcamp

Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Alumni Wins IBM SmartCamp London

What do Viewsy do?

Viewsy brings the power of web analytics to the physical world. Imagine you’re a local restaurant and you offer a two-for-one special. You see traffic spike during the campaign, but do any of those customers return to pay full price? Or imagine you’re a fashion retailer. Does putting a red dress or a blue dress in the window attract more customers inside? With Viewsy, bricks-and-mortar retailers can track their customer behavior, giving definitive answers to the myriad strategy questions they face. Our sensors detect anonymous signals from mobile phones, providing metrics on new and repeat customers, dwell time, how often customers return, and their paths in-store. What you can measure, you can manage: retailers who understand these metrics can attract more customers and extract more value from each customer.

Viewsy Launch party 1min30 from Viewsy on Vimeo.

“IBM SmartCamp London is a high profile event. Only the best startups get selected. The fact that Viewsy were selected for SmartCamp and have been able to win proves that it’s not only Startupbootcamp that see Viewsy as a world class company. We are very proud that the team has worked so hard and has made such impressive progress in just 6 months and really look forward to see more.”

Patrick De Zeeuw, Starupbootcamp Amsterdam

“Viewsy are a team of great Entrepreneurs with a chance to make a big impact in smarter commerce.”

Martin Kelly, IBM Venture Capital Group

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