Viewsy Previews Analytics Dashboard at Gem Kingdom

Viewsy Previews Analytics Dashboard at Gem Kingdom

05-Dec-2012 by Startupbootcamp

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On Thursday, 28 June, Viewsy hosted a preview of their analytics dashboard at Gem Kingdom, a beautiful jewelry shop in Amsterdam’s Negen Straatjes. Gem Kingdom has been the home of Viewsy’s newest sensor installation, and guests at the party could view the shop’s foot-traffic statistics on the Viewsy dashboard. Viewsy’s team in Amsterdam – Odera Ume-Ezeoke, Zoe Hoster, Martin Brehovsky, Hitesh Goyani, and Oliver Senchal – hosted the event with Bernard Jongstra and Anneke Mulder of Gem Kingdom. In attendance were Viewsy’s mentors from Startupbootcamp, Viewsy’s maiden customers, and friends of Gem Kingdom.

Founder Odera Ume-Ezoeke kicked off the evening by thanking the the attending guests. In particular he singled out: Patrick de Zeeuw and Ruud Hendriks (Starupbootcamp Amsterdam co-founders) for inviting Viewsy to participate in the program, Gem Beemsterboer of the Amsterdam Arena and Marcus Breekweg of Vodafone for their support as Viewsy’s pilot clients, and Bernard and Anneke from Gem Kingdom for hosting the event.

Viewsy provides analytics for the physical world. Viewsy sensors detect ambient anonymous signals from mobile phones, and display the foot-traffic statistics on an online dashboard. Metrics such as numbers of new and repeat customers, dwell time, how often customers return and their paths in-store provide useful insights for retailers to drive sales and improve store operations.

Bernard Jongstra, one of Gem Kingdom’s owners, was excited by what Viewsy can bring his business. “I was surprised to see the data and how transparent it is. What also surprised me is the sheer amount of information we can interfere from the numbers. Being a small shop owner it is useful to see how the changes in shop window display can influence the numbers of passerbys who enter inside.

Gem Beemsterboer from the Amsterdam Arena is equally enthusiastic. The Arena, home of Ajax Football Club and the Netherlands National Football Team, has used Viewsy to gain insight into their customer behaviour during football games. The data has shown them opportunities to increase catering sales, improve operational efficiency, and increase advertising revenue. “We’re very excited about the technology but what adds the real value is the team behind Viewsy. They really showed us how to interpret the data and are excellent at pointing out the relevant figures. They know what questions to ask and how to answer them.

It was great to have the demo in a real life environment, to see how the technology is accepted by clients,” said Marcus Breekweg. “We at Vodafone are especially interested in innovative ways of using mobiles and we want to be involved with interesting startups. I think it’s great that Viewsy are exploring new ways of working with mobiles as a tool to get new benefits.

Sebastian Kuntz, investor and one of SBC Amsterdam mentors, was also full of praise: “This event is great! It brings people together in a nice environment. Viewsy is a unique concept, simple but at the same time complex, especially when it comes to rolling it out. I really think Viewsy managed to pull it off and I’m especially impressed with how much excitement they managed to build around the technology, given the short period of time.

Peter Kaas, technical mentor at Startup Bootcamp, glowed, “It’s going to scale! I think Viewsy has a great potential and that their biggest success will come from niches they haven’t even thought of.

Congratulations Viewsy!


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