The first week at Startupbootcamp Berlin

The first week at Startupbootcamp Berlin

05-Dec-2012 by Startupbootcamp

First week at Startupbootcamp Berlin

The first week at Startupbootcamp is officially over and it already feels like the teams have been here for a month. Check out the screenshot below to get an idea of the pace of Startupbootcamp:

Startupbootcamp schedule 1. Week

We’ve had mentors in every day, briefing the teams on a wide range of topics including web business models, startup legal and tax issues and how to do great PR. Most mentors also had one-on-one sessions with teams and dove in to their specific issues. We love our mentors who regularly sacrifice their free time, before and after work, to work with our teams.

Berlin Tour

The Startupbootcamp Berlin teams on a guided tour through the city center of Berlin[/caption] To give the international teams a better idea of the incredible history of the German capital and introduce them to the Berlin eco-system, we also took them on a tour through the city. We started off at the Brandenburger Gate and were guided all the way to the very famous and fake Checkpoint Charlie by a professional tour guide, who shared interesting and inspiring stories about Berlin’s past and present.

Startupbootcamp at Venture Village[/caption] From there we made our way to the Venture Village, where Linsey Fryatt and Elaine Jung shared their insights on the Berlin eco-system with the teams. Each team also got a chance to do an elevator pitch, literally in an elevator! Watch the video summary here.

Startupbootcamp at Betahaus[/caption] After a quick stop at St Oberholz (the hip place for startups these days) and a “Curry Wurst” pit stop, we arrived at betahaus, a famous co-working space in Kreuzberg. There we got personal tour from co-founder Christoph Fahle, who told us the story of how betahaus started and their philosophy and then showed us around their innovation-filled premises.

Startupbootcamp at the new Archify office[/caption] Also located at betahaus is Startupbootcamp Alumni Archify. The archify team shared their status and progress since they completed Startupbootcamp Copenhagen.

Startupbootcamp at Gidsy[/caption] But we still were not done exploring. Next we visited Gidsy, were the SBC Berlin mentors Edial and Floris Dekker shared their personal Gidsy story and why they chose Berlin to found their startup.

Reflecting on the first week

Here’s what the teams had to say about their first week:

Charlie Casey, Team Prizgo

“It was a great first week at SBC! The invaluable mentor advice and tonnes of opportunities to pitch our idea, including one in an actual elevator, has meant we’ve achieved more this past week than a normal month!”

Johanna Brewer, Team frestyl

“We were told Startupbootcamp would be like a fire hose of information, but I have to say it’s more like getting blasted directly by the fire hydrant. It’s amazing how much work (both conceptual and practical) that we’ve managed to get done in just one week.”

Connor McEwen, Team Webcred

“The first week was really busy and intense. {my co-founder} Nam went to bed before 12am for 3 nights in a row, which is a new personal record. We definitely realized we have some big obstacles to overcome, but we’re glad to be working with the help of all the mentors and the other teams. We also enjoy the ping pong table and PS3 with FIFA – the breaks allow us to keep up maximum productivity.”

Startupbootcamp Berlin is hosted by Webworker Berlin and is supported by Lindenpartners and Axicom.

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