Startupbootcamp Berlin Presents Final 10 Startups to Begin Acceleration Program in September

Startupbootcamp Berlin Presents Final 10 Startups to Begin Acceleration Program in September

05-Dec-2012 by Startupbootcamp

On August 10-11, Startupbootcamp Berlin Selection Days took place at Webworker’s co-working space at Umspannwerk in Kreuzberg. Twenty extremly talented teams presented their business ideas to more than 50 mentors who rated them on criteria including team, product and market. At the end of the two day event, the final participants of the Startupbootcamp program in Berlin were announced.

Startupbootcamp Berlin Presents Final 10 Startups to Begin Acceleration Program in September

Friday: Top 20 Teams Arrive, Meeting Mentors

The Top 20 Teams arrived at Startupbootcamp Berlin HQ’s on Friday morning. The morning hours provided an excellent opportunity for the 20 teams and the Startupbootcamp team to get to know each other. Alex Farcet, Co-founder of Startupbootcamp and Managing Director in Berlin, opened the event and briefed the teams about what to expect from the 2 days and how to make the most of the following pitches and the speed dating session with the mentors and investors. From the beginning, the atmosphere was great and the teams were highly motivated.

At around 1pm, the first mentors started to arrive at the venue and gathered in the packed presentation room to hear the best 20 teams pitch. Over the next two days, 20 rounds of speed dating sessions followed. The idea was to give every team and mentor the opportunity to get to know each other and for the mentors to evaluate the teams.


Mike Butcher – The fact that you exist is NOT news![/caption]

Based on the information provided by the mentors, the jury, consisting of Alex Farcet, investors and two alumni teams, chose the final ten teams after all speed dating sessions were over. Meanwhile, Mike Butcher, from Tech Crunch Europe gave a great talk about Public Relations and about how to approach journalists.

After the talk, Josh from the team ItsPlatonic was enthusiastic: “Covering PR, Mike Butcher’s talk was the perfect end to the selection days weekend. Knowing how to best handle the media is rare and invaluable knowledge that applies to every startup, especially one in the consumer space like ItsPlatonic. His humor, willingness to listen, and fun conversation at the happy hour reception were all added bonuses.”

The announcement

Team Webcred[/caption]

Nervous teams and curious mentors were waiting for the decision impatiently. At around 5:30pm on Saturday, everyone gathered in the presentation room again, to hear Alex Farcet announce the selected teams. It was an emotional announcement for both the teams that got in and the teams that didn’t.

The Final 10 Teams

?1. Brisk.oi (Netherlands): JavaScript libraries which make front end development faster.?

?2. (Norway/Germany): An online content-aggregation, personalized radio software application for iOS. It’s like an audio Flipboard.?

?3. Fourscan (France): A real-time, gamified, loyalty program driving brand advocacy and improving customer insight on social media.?

?4. frestyl (Italy/US): ?frestyl is a place for fans, artists, promoters and venues to talk about live music that matters to them. They’re Yelp for concerts.

5. ItsPlatonic (US): is like but for friendship instead of romance.

?6. Liquid State (Australia/France): Liquid State is a fast, simple and easy-to-use publishing solution for authors and publishers to produce free-form mobile publications. ?

?7. Raidarrr (US): A location-based content discovery and distribution service. Think of geocaching+Stumbleupon.?

8. Streetvite (UK): Streetvite saves event promoters time and money by helping their events spread through social networks.

?9. Weavly (Austria): Offers a portal to create and share video mashups online – easier than ever before, without uploads, downloads or copyright issues. ?

?10. Webcred (US): Enables people to rent, share, and sell safely and efficiently by building trust in peer to peer marketplaces.?

A rewarding experience


For all 20 Teams it was a great opportunity to get to know mentors, investors and Startupbootcamp alumni and make some important contacts for the future. The teams were impressed with the amount of valuable feedback they got and with the amount of smart people they met. That’s what Startupbootcamp is all about: building a community and connecting people with each other.

What is going to happen next?

The participants will arrive in Berlin on September 3rd to begin the intensive, three month Startupbootcamp program that will prepare them for Investor Demo Day on November 27. During this event the start-ups will have the opportunity to present themselves in front of a large group of investors to attract funding.

Startupbootcamp Berlin Heroes

The event would have not been possible and certainly not been such a big success without more than 50 very dedicated mentors, who chose to spend there valuable time helping to pick the final 10 teams.

Special thanks also go to Berlin Partner for providing 1500€ to support long distance teams with their travel expenses, Rhino’s Energy drinks for sponsoring more than 4000 Energy Drinks, DriveNow for giving special deals to the guests at the event, Axicom and Lindenpartners for their valuable advice on PR and legal issues, and finally Webworker and Umpsannwerk for supporting Startupbootcamp with great deals on Office space.

Startupbootcamp Berlin is hosted by Webworker Berlin and is supported by Lindenpartners and Axicom.

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