Startupbootcamp attendees Localsensor and Viewsy raise their first investment

Startupbootcamp attendees Localsensor and Viewsy raise their first investment

05-Dec-2012 by Startupbootcamp

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Startupbootcamp attendees Localsensor and Viewsy raise their first investment

Angels commit themselves to the young entrepreneurs

Amsterdam, June 12th 2012 – Startupbootcamp announces that two of the first tech start-ups to participate in accelerator programme have received their first investment. Localsensor from the Netherlands and Viewsy from the UK have both made an important step into the future growth of their businesses.

With Localsensor mobile advertisers can reach the right target group, on the right time, under the right circumstances and with the right message. Enabling advertisers to send location relevant advertising. Rob van Buuren, co-founder and CEO at Localsensor: “Where someone is says a lot about who he is and how he or she feels. That is the basis that we utilize.”

Viewsy provides a solution for traditional retailers to track in-store customer behaviour. With sensors Viewsy can detect anonymous signals from mobile phones and translate these signals to find data about the individual i.e, dwell time and in-store paths.

Erwin van der Veen, an informal investor, was enthusiastic about Localsensor from the first moment: “There was an immediate connection between the founders of Localsensor and myself. The idea appealed to me and already during the first meeting we have expressed the intention to cooperate. For me as an investor the people behind the idea are as important, as the idea itself. As for Localsensor both the people and the idea are great. And for me, the participation of Localsensor in Startupbootcamp was an extra reason to invest as they have a solid foundation to move forward.”

Rob van Buuren, co-founder and CEO of Localsensor expects a boost in the companies’ potential: “With this investment we are able to introduce the initial concept and run the first customer-cases.” Van Buuren is also very excited to be part of Startupbootcamp: “Startupbootcamp has provided us with access to an enormous industry network. With the mentors assistance and guidance we have made some specific steps towards refining our concept and making it ready to go to the market.”

Viewsy has even found two Angel-investors for their start-up. Jerry Jarvis, met the Founder and CEO of Viewsy (Odera Ume-Ezeoke), during a meeting in London. Jarvis was enthusiastic right away: “I chose to invest in Viewsy because of Odera, he has got an impressive track record. And if Viewsy can stand it, I would love to play some personal part in Viewsy in the future.” Jarvis is also very enthusiastic about Startupbootcamp. “I believe that programme’s like Startupbootcamp are absolutely fundamental for economic recovery. Governments should invest in these initiatives to harness national skills and drive their own economies forward.”

Ume-Ezeoke is pleased with the capital and expertise from the investor; “I have a great admiration for Jerry Jarvis, he is an operations expert with a background in scaling physical businesses to operate efficiently. We’re hoping to harness some of his extensive operational expertise.” Ume-Ezeoke is very happy with Startupbootcamp. “Startupbootcamp has been an excellent boost to our company in terms of product, customer demand and clarity of vision. We would not be here today without them.”

Besides Localsensor and Viewsy six other start-ups from Startupbootcamp are talking to investors.

All start-ups are also preparing for Investor Demo Day on July 6th. During Demo Day the start-ups will present themselves to a selected group op international formal and informal investors on the headquarters of ABN AMRO in Amsterdam.

Visit our website for more information about Investor Demo Day of Startupbootcamp.

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