Startupbootcamp Amsterdam 2012: Superb Valuations

Startupbootcamp Amsterdam 2012: Superb Valuations

05-Dec-2012 by Startupbootcamp

It’s just under two months since Startupbootcamp Amsterdam held its Investor Demo Day. The day itself was hailed as a great success by both investors and the ten start-ups who presented. But how did that translate into real value?

After a summer of intensive talks with investors the results show that the overall valuation of this year’s startups has increased threefold since the program started. Ruud Hendriks, Cofounder of Startupbootcamp Amsterdam is delighted.

“To get a 300% increase in the valuation in such a short time is a terrific achievement. We’ve seen investments of anything between €50,000 – €250,000 per startup. That shows the quality of business plans that were presented. Good ideas have been accelerated into a real business. I’m very proud for all of them.”

As video interviews and written testimonials with this year’s start-ups show, the Startupbootcamp Amsterdam program has enriched everyone’s entrepreneurial skills, vision and approach. It has also build lifelong friendships during what is a very intense period. To quote from one example,

“Startupbootcamp has really been a life changing experience for all team members. Demo Day and the Sneak Preview sessions gave us loads of visibility with both national and international investors. But quality of the mentors gave us instant access to a very powerful network. It certainly opened many doors with big customers which would otherwise remain shut. The intensive coaching offered by a wide range of mentors has been spectacular. We’ve all benefitted from their specialist insights, and frank, confidential advice. We were promised a lot. Startupbootcamp definitely delivered.”

Edwi Albering, Operations Manager for SBC Amsterdam, has also been watching the progress in the office since Demo Day. “I’ve enjoyed the get up and go atmosphere around here. There has always been a positive spirit since the program started in April. Of course, there was a tremendous build up to demo day itself. You could feel the tension as the day approached. After July 6th many of the negotiations were done off site at the investors’ premises . But it was still busy, especially in the second half of August. Most of the start-ups used the vacation period to fine tune their technology or to organize customer development “tours” as suggested by Demo Day keynote Steve Blank. Now the office is buzzing again as the start-ups move into a new phase. They are preparing to leave the SBC offices and find their own new space. Some have chosen to build their HQ in Amsterdam to be close to their first clients. Others will return to their home countries, but maintain a strong presence here for the foreseeable future. As we prepare to bid our current teams bon voyage, we’re now preparing for Open Pitch days as we countdown to the 2013 program which opens, for us, on November 1st 2012. ”

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