Some Startups Pitch for a Chance to the Finals for #SBCBerlin

Some Startups Pitch for a Chance to the Finals for #SBCBerlin

05-Dec-2012 by Startupbootcamp

Blog Post by: Andy, the Intern.

Last Thursday, Startupbootcamp Berlin held it’s first ‘Pitch to the Finals‘ event to meet upcoming startups for the program, get to know them in person and give one startup the opportunity to get fast tracked for a one on one interview to apply for the program! The startups registered for the event on a first come, first served basis and there *could* be another one coming up, so stay tuned! And remember, the applications for Startupbootcamp Berlin are now open so if you are a startup yourself, make sure to apply! Here is how the event went.

The 10 Startups

  1. 1. Remote Control
  2. 2. Squadmail
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
  5. 5. WeCycle
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Fabaloo
  8. 8. MobiDooh2go
  9. 8. Greenguin
  10. 9.
  11. 10. Zulum

The Event

The startups were judged based on a ‘rating game’ with the audience. Everybody from the audience received the poker chips and had to place them on the pitches they liked. In the end we had a draw between Remote Control and Squadmail.

Remote Control

Remote control was presented by a nineteen year old pupil who developed an app to transform his mobile into a control for basically everything you that works with a PC (Music, movies, games, etc.)


Squadmail is an attractive way to create email folders and share it with different groups of people



Earthfaves is a social recommendation tool that allows people to recommend places “I love this place” and to write one sentence why. tries to tackle the problem of finding partners for sports abroad. The Offer is meant for people that travel a lot and still want to do their sports.


WeCycle combines hardware and software. Through a tracking system people will enabled to pursue their time, kilometres etc. This should not only create motivation to achieve more but also be embedded into a social cummunity. is already existent and enables the customer to buy a product that is selected by a distinct algorithm. The product choice is based on six questions the customer has to answer.


Fabaloo had an impressive full film presentation. Its all about the quality and ratings of 3d printing shops. There seems to be a growing market for 3d printing and the quality is not always very stable.


MobiDooh2go tries to overcome mobile connectivity problems in public transport. At the same time public transportation companies should have the possibility to create new revenue streams from advertisement on mobile devices.


Greenguin wants to bring the market for renewable energy into the internet and bring together experts, costumers and suppliers.


Blastboard is a social finding tool, that allows to use social networks and personal contacts in giving monetary incentives for recommendations.


Last but not least, Zulum tries to reduce complexity in linking your favorite networks and applications to one button. Clicking the button then directly saves the information, pictures links on the right platform.

The Finale

In general the event was a great success. The overall impression of the present was very good. Some teams were more advanced and had already a product, some were in a very early stage. In general the audience had fun and the participation was very high. We look forward to meeting more startups from now until the application deadline and hope to see more teams participate!

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