Sneak Preview, 14 June – second session before Demo Day

Sneak Preview, 14 June – second session before Demo Day

05-Dec-2012 by Startupbootcamp

On Thursday, 14 June yet another Sneak Preview Investor Day took place. 30 high-level investors arrived, curious to see the progress teams have done since the previous Sneak Preview or to catch a glimpse of what it is that they can expect to see at the official Demo Day on July 6th.

What especially struck us was how eager everyone was to provide constructive criticism. Rather than just showering the teams with compliments, the potential investors also offered valuable, constructive feedback relating to what they believe is still missing. They were direct in explaining what is still not clear in some pitches. Just what the teams were looking for! At this stage of the program criticism is much more valuable than compliments, since everyone wants to excel on July 6th and any possible shortcomings need to be eliminated. The day ended with drinks and ample opportunity for networking or discussing any remaining questions.

Read below what some of our guests thought of the level presented by teams at Sneak Preview:

Aik Deveneijns, GIMV Investors

I expect the Startupbootcamp accelerator program to get companies ready for their first institutional investment. It could be a seed investment, may be a late stage VC, but definitely beyond the angel phase. And Startupbootcamp Accelerator is doing exactly what I expected! Cool.

Ralph Cohen, IceMobile

Startupbootcamp is creating a good environment for these entrepreneurs to share their experiences, meet other people from different backgrounds, Such an environment does indeed accelerate. It took me a much longer time to do it on my own. I did not have access to this kind of program. I think it is a very important service bearing in mind that our world is developing so fast. Startupbootcamp is helping entrepreneurs be more competitive to match that market development. That’s very important – especially now.

Daniel Horn, Startup Network Amsterdam

It’s amazing what happens when you put clever people in a situation like this. Food from a pressure cooker doesn’t taste that good after three months. But, in contrast, these business plans are looking great. At Startupbootcamp you can see that corporates are already starting to get involved, whereas traditionally they have not been very anxious to get to know start-ups. The time to market for many of the corporates is too long, so they are looking for ways to accelerate business ideas and solutions. Working with the kind of talent at Startupbootcamp seems to be a way forward.

Christopher Mott,

I have been interested in how Startupbootcamp has looked for hi-quality technology across the European continent. Seen from the US, we tend to think of Europe as a place where there are a lot of diamonds in the rough, so it’s a matter of finding and amplifying what they are doing. That appears to be what Startupbootcamp does well. In terms of the companies themselves, I’m seeing several young dynamic executive leaders. The technology is in interesting areas such as location based models for enterprises, as well as the next generation for search and discovery.

Hoite Polkamp, V Ventures

It is great to see the wide portfolio of start-ups here at SBC. There a lot of diversity covering different angles of tech. I was specifically interested in Social Express, because they are developing a service similar to some things we’ve been trying at ANP [Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau – the Dutch national press agency, added by SBC].

Michiel Maathuis, Blue Bubble Lab

We invest in tech companies, but we have a very clear and strict portfolio. I’m looking for a combination of a team, a technology, commercial traction and the right timing. Today we saw a couple of companies fit our puzzle. And having 2-3 fit our profile scenario at this stage, out of 10 in the SBC program, is a very high score.


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