SBC Alumnus Reaches Finals of IBM SmartCamp Innovation Competition

SBC Alumnus Reaches Finals of IBM SmartCamp Innovation Competition

05-Dec-2012 by Startupbootcamp

IBM Netherlands, HQ, Amsterdam October 23rd 2012.

Eleanor Watson, Founder Poikos, wins the Benelux IBM Startcamp Finals

Poikos Founder, Eleanor Watson, took away the Benelux prize in the regional finals of the global IBM Innovation competition Smartcamp. There was fierce competition from two other contenders enerGQ and OmniP Labs, but the story of the intelligent vision technology that the Poikos team have developed was clearly the winner.

Eleanor Watson explained that their international team has been hard at work over the summer refining their technology and tweaking algorithms to make it “even more accurate and robust”. They’ve made their Flixfit software immune to some of the imperfections found in cheaper consumer hardware in smartphones and webcams. Eleanor says that since Demo Day back in July, there has encouraging interest from several on-line retailers in Europe and South Asia. They are currently taking part in a private beta trial in preparation for a public launch at 1212 on December 12th 2012 ( the day all the important numbers will fit into place!)

Eleanor demonstrates how Flixfit works

In declaring Poikos the winner, the jury also highlighted the efforts Poikos has made to patent their image processing algorithms. This “clever mathematics” is used to calculate personal 3D body images, with dozens of accurate ( ± < 1cm ) measurements. They remarked that they believed the technology also has wide applications in the health sector too.

Critical Jury deliberates at IBM Benelux HQ

Eleanor will now be invited to take part in the EMEA finals in Berlin to be held over two days, 13-14th November 2012. The winner of that heat will receive six months of intensive support to accelerate the further expansion of their business towards Series A funding. In addition. the winner gets free access to the IBM software portfolio for three years.

Update: Poikos also reached the finals of the Startup festival in Vienna. The success continues.

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