Say Hello to our New CMO: Angie Lim

Say Hello to our New CMO: Angie Lim

05-Dec-2012 by Startupbootcamp

Social media hockey stick!

Look at what’s happened to our Likes on Facebook, that’s what we call a Social Media Hockey Stick!

Here’s the back story:

Community building is an integral part of the Startupbootcamp mission. We rely on our community of mentors, this year alone we’re adding 30 or so startups to our community of Startupbootcamp alumni, as we run Investor Demo Days and get startups funded, we’re constantly building relationships with investors.

That’s been an on-going process which each of us program leaders have taken on locally and to some extent across Europe. But we also needed to structure our reach to the wider community of startups, would-be entrepreneurs and corporate partners. and for that we needed to find someone who could be 100% focused on our marketing, social media and partnering activities.

That’s where our new star CMO, Angie Lim, comes in. When we first Skyped in January this year, I was in bitterly cold Copenhagen and she was by the beach in Costa Rica. After a successful stint as Channel Audience Manager for Web Startups and ISVs at Microsoft Canada she had packed her bags and headed south to work as an online marketing consultant for various travel agencies in Costa Rica, including the infamous Del Mar Surf Camp. She built her SEO and online marketing chops while learning to surf, not a bad gig if you can get it.

Luckily for us she was planning to move to Copenhagen for personal reasons so we met in early March she really impressed me with her energy and smarts. Having done my share of interviews the one thing I’ve learned is that you have to see someone in action to really judge their qualities and fit so we agreed to work for one month together and take it from there. Angie hit the ground running and quickly built an awesome overview of our marketing and community building activities. She came up with a plan of attack including our positioning and key messaging, our website content and SEO, and our community and social media reach.

As it happened at the end of March Eoghan (Dublin), Patrick (Amsterdam) and I were in Dublin for our regular gathering so we invited Angie to present her work. She put her presentation on a USB stick at the hotel and as she and I walked over to The Factory, Startupbootcamp’s home on Barrow Street, we kidded around that a lot was riding on the content of that stick. So we prepared for both a bad and a good outcome:

The Bad Outcome

The Good Outcome

Of course she blew us away and we immediately agreed to take her on board as our European CMO. We also all agreed that Angie’s work on the Startupbootcamp marketing strategy was good enough for a great presentation and case study at a Startupbootcamp mentoring session. We are a startup ourselves afterall so a few lucky teams are going to benefit from Angie’s wisdom. We certainly already have!

Be sure to say hello to her at:

Alex Farcet

MD, Startupbootcamp Berlin

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