Motion4Startups partners up with Startupbootcamp

Motion4Startups partners up with Startupbootcamp

05-Dec-2012 by Startupbootcamp

Motion4Startups partners up with Startupbootcamp

Motion4Startups has announced it’s partnership with Startupbootcamp. They will be helping us build our creative video content online, as well as providing our startups with great deals for their online Demo Videos.

What is Motion4startups?

Motion4Startups is a creative agency that makes businesses attractive and easy to understand through explainer videos. Technology can be hard to explain, so entrepreneurs come to motion4startups and tell them what their startup is about. Motion4startups then summarizes all the information and tells the individual story so that everyone understands it. They usually do 2D animations but they have also done videos in 3D as well as videos with real actors. Still not quite sure what motion4startups does? Well, maybe this video will help with that:

David Guerra from Motion4Startups is excited to become a partner of Startupbootcamp.

“When we started the conversations we already liked Startupbootcamp a lot. However it’s getting better and better day by day because Startupbootcamp is setting up programs everywhere. We are expanding to several markets quickly as well so we thought we complement each other perfectly. The program, the way to work but specially the philosophy of Startupbootcamp are the reasons why we decided to have a partnership with Startupbootcamp instead of with other programs.”

Alex farcet, Co-founder of Startupbootcamp, is looking forward to the prospective collaboration.

“It is difficult for startups to explain the concept of their business to potential customers, especially those that are entering a new, relatively unexplored space. Motion4Startups can help them get over this hurdle, making them a perfect partner for Startupbootcamp.”

Find out more about them on their website:

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