Meet the Startupbootcamp Berlin Teams: ItsPlatonic

Meet the Startupbootcamp Berlin Teams: ItsPlatonic

05-Dec-2012 by Startupbootcamp

This is the tenth and final post of our blog series called “Meet the Teams”. Learn more about what motivates them, what they have learned during their time at SBC and whether they will stay in Berlin or not. Today, we would like to introduce to you to the gentlemen from ItsPlatonic, who have come to Startupbootcamp Berlin from Colorado, USA.

About ItsPlatonic

C.S. Lewis once wrote, “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” The story behind ItsPlatonic captures the struggle to make friends in unknown places and the beauty of possibility when two friends put their heads together to create something remarkable.

Josh, co-founder of ItsPlatonic, knows a thing or two about how to make friendship happen. Having lived in six different cities in the past six years, he’s had to rebuild his social base every time. Yet, each time, his efforts proved to be a painstaking process. He tried every online application available, including Couchsurfing, regular meetups, friendfinder,, but each required hours and hours of effort in which he would meet loads of people from all sorts of demographics, only to discover at the end that he didn’t really identify with any of them. There has to be a better way to make friendship happen, he thought. As he started talking to thought leaders in the space, he came on to the idea for ItsPlatonic, the first pure friendship site.

At the time he got the idea, Josh enjoyed a fantastic job as the brand manager for Aunt Jemima, a PepsiCo company and biggest pancake and syrup brand in the USA. He loved it there, and happened to be the youngest brand manager within the entire PepsiCo company. But when he got the idea for ItsPlatonic, he chose to follow his heart and leave his old job behind. He moved back to Westminster, Colorado, where he began outline plans for the company. He soon realized that he needed a talented tech cofounder. As luck would have it, he knew just who that was: his best friend, Scott. One day, on an outing to McDonalds, Josh asked Scott to be his cofounder. “Of course, I’m in!” replied Scott.

The two friends applied to Startupbootcamp, and Alex Farcet, emailed them an hour within their application. Since the program began, the two founders describe that they’ve had an amazing time, in which they gained access to incredible mentors (some even in their competition), already signed on two investors, and got to meet their idol, Casey Fenton, the CEO of Couchsurfing.

Come meet Josh and Scott!


1. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned at SBC so far?

You never know who can teach you something. Some of the mentors I talked to, I thought there was no way that they were relevant to my business, and sometimes, those were some of my most enlightening conversations.

2. What was your personal motivation to start your own company?

I’ve always wanted to do whatever I could to help the world. I think that starting your own company is something in which you can make a bigger, tangible difference than you could with just about anything else.

3. Will you stay in Berlin after SBC?

We’re splitting ItsPlatonic. Leni and Jorrit will continue to lead our Berlin office and Scott and I will move to the US, to expand investor opportunities and market base.


1. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned at SBC so far?

How valuable it is to rely on experienced individuals who have been where you want to go in the tech spaces.

2. What was your personal motivation to start your own company?

I looked around the web after I’d moved to new cities and there really wasn’t a site completely dedicated to helping me rebuild my social circle, and so the idea of creating a site that brings people together strictly for friendship was something that I wanted myself. I was starting a business to fulfill a desire that I had.

3. Will you stay in Berlin after SBC?

It’s certainly one of the options that we’re looking at. Right now, our number one priority is adding a couple more talented members to the team, so we’re going to reevaluate our options after Demo Day, but Berlin is definitely in the running.

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