Introducing Lars Buch, New MD for Startupbootcamp Copenhagen

Introducing Lars Buch, New MD for Startupbootcamp Copenhagen

05-Dec-2012 by Startupbootcamp

Startupbootcamp Copenhagen Relaunches in 2013 Under New Direction of Lars Buch, Former R&D Director from Nokia

It is time to breathe new life into the Startupbootcamp in Copenhagen! Finally my responsibility with Nokia come to an end and I can start a new chapter of my life with Startupbootcamp. Finally, because it IS time to move on…. I worked passionately with HW technologies, Mobile product development and high-performing teams for more than 13 years, leaving Nokia as Head of Smartphones in Copenhagen. During 2011-12 I did actually the most important work ever with the company, at least when it comes to impact on peoples life, when taking part in the Nokia “Bridge” Steering Team responsible to close down completely the Nokia site in Copenhagen and work for the best possible future for the employees after their termination.

Who is Lars?

My responsibility was to create and run an incubator like environment for the leaving Nokia employees and after one year now 50 new companies came to life in Cph and several hundred globally. During this period I met with Alex Farcet, founder of Startupbootcamp, and discovered the small team of super-entrepreneurs around him determined to boost entrepreneurial spirit in Europe, creating new growth and make a positive difference for startup teams….much more so than the next VC or Angel or any “startup consultant” I ever came across before. From day one I loved the concept, – the people and the super teams already part of the program.

What’s Coming Up for Startupbootcamp Copenhagen?

I joined the team this summer, after the first real holiday in years, as the new head of Startupbootcamp Copenhagen and our plan is to launch the next program mid-2013 with a theme of “Mobility“, covering technologies/Solutions for Smart-devices & tablets, Technology & hardware and in summary any disruptive solution that enable life to go truly mobile, hereby building on a strong local and regional tradition and competence but with a global reach when comes to Mentors and teams. It will be great to explore the theme when moving closer to launch but already now we bring new strong partners onboard to ensure the ability to boost and scale not only mobile apps and -services but even hardware-centric teams on eg. the next big thing within sound, antennas or similar…..Right now I am looking for sponsors interested to make a difference in this area and next I will be hunting for the best of the best teams to bring onboard this new program. I am SO HAPPY to be onboard, this will be super great and I can’t wait to show the world that Copenhagen is an entrepreneurial city to take seriously and we know what we are doing in the area of Mobiles and related technologies and solutions.

To get in contact with me, feel free to email me at

Meet Lars!

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