In Anticipation for Investor Demo Day

In Anticipation for Investor Demo Day

05-Dec-2012 by Startupbootcamp

SBC Amsterdam Demo Day is completely sold out and the teams will be pitching this Friday, July 6th in a room filled with 400+ investors. The level presented by the final 10 teams justifies popularity of the event and the attending guests will be in for a treat. If you cannot attend the event in person, check Twitter for our live coverage.

The hashtag we’ll be using is #SBCDemoDay!

In anticipation for Demo Day we asked some of the teams to reflect on their experiences at SBC Amsterdam and their plans for the future. Meet Doctor Kinetic, Viewsy, Localsensor, Geosophic and Poikos:

Andrew Olszewski & Michal Sokolowski – Doctor Kinetic @doctorkinetic

The last three months have passed like the blink of an eye. However, we have the impression that it’s almost half a year or more. Participation in SBC Amsterdam is an amazing and inspiring adventure. It is also an excellent opportunity for our company to take wind in the sails and to sail onto the wide waters of business. If crew members are great mentors who whole-heartedly wish you success and help you achieve it, anything is possible! We are in the right place at the right time, therefore we plan to grow and build a strong market position. We are the future of eHealth and self-treatment.

Zoe Hoster – Viewsy @zoehoster @iseeviewsy

I’m excited to showcase the work we’ve been doing over the past 3 months. After Demo Day Viewsy will continue to work wit our pilot customers and will bring other customers onboard. I’m excited about the visibility DD will give to our company, not only within the investor community but also hopefully within the retail industry.

Rob van Buuren & Jetze van Bijma – Localsensor @localsensor

Startupbootcamp has brought us razor sharp focus and a superb network with mentors, clients, partners and friends for life!

Tanausú Cerdeña, Pablo Varcárcel Castro, Jennifer Vela, Yurena García-Hevia Mendizábal – Geosophic @geosophic

Startupbootcamp is much more than just an accelerator. It has pushed us to make the best out of our talent while confronting us with inspiring and experienced mentors and experts. It’s tought, it’s challenging, but we wouldn’t want it any other way. We are looking forward to Demo Day to show what we have become in just 90 days.

Eleanor Watson – Poikos @poikos

Finally, the last leg of a long road to demo-day is in sight.

What. A. Ride. The past three months have grown (and aged me) at least a year. I can honestly state that I am not quite the same person as when Startupbootcamp began. Naturally, for the better.

Ten teams have won a place to work feverishly together for so many weeks, in what is for many an entirely unfamiliar city. We have bonded as a group, and we have new ‘battle-scars’ of hard-won lessons. We have all worked extremely hard, learned so much, and grown as people.

I personally have had to learn when to take care of my body with food and sleep, to ensure that the team gets sufficient rest and relaxation, even when everything and everyone around is driving so hard for rapid success. Efficiency which incorporates sustainable balance and moderation is the way, so I have learned. Startups are a marathon, not a sprint.

Each of our businesses have blossomed, with valuations in the multiple millions, hungry customers, fleshed-out products and exciting new partnerships.

The final tweaks on our pitches and preparations to present before over 300 investors are now finished. Banners are in place, grooming accomplished, and a final rehearsal or two is all that remains to be done.

It’s not ‘the end’; most (but not all) will be sticking around our offices at Vodafone for a while yet. Some however, must return home to families etc soon after Demo Day, which will be a little sad. I know that the friendships created over challenging times together at SBC, are ones which will follow our whole career.

FlixFit has developed incredibly in three months, in the business, technology and culture. We’re forming alliances with people whom we could never have dreamed of just weeks ago. We’re so excited by the calibre of companies who are flocking around us, wanting to benefit from our 3D body measurement technology.

So, roll on Demo Day, where we prepare for our destinies to unfold. When it’s all over, we’ll party like we never partied before; we’ll raise the roof together at the post Demo Day party, with none-other than DJ Ruud Hendriks.

Gosh, my friends, what a ride.

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