Impacting lives with Startupbootcamp

Impacting lives with Startupbootcamp

05-Dec-2012 by Startupbootcamp

Impacting lives with Startupbootcamp

One of the real motivators for us running Startupbootcamp is that we impact people’s lives. These entrepreneurs take a leap of faith to join Startupbootcamp; they quit jobs, often leave spouses and partners behind, and relocate to the Startupbootcamp city in the hope that we’ll deliver value.

With the addition of the Selection Days process (where the top 20 teams join us for two days) we’ve expanded the Startupbootcamp circle of influence. One of our objectives was to ensure that even the teams which don’t get selected for the final ten walk away from the experience feeling good about the Startupbootcamp community. We’ve had plenty of great feedback but I thought I’d share a mail I got from the Purple Leaves (an online shop selling products submitted and chosen by our creative crowd):

Hey Alex,

seeing you today but not finding time to really talk to you i thought i write you and email.

I just wanted to say thanks a lot for the preselection weekend at startup bootcamp.

Even though we didn’t make it into the top10, we have connected with so many people, have met so many mentors already and have the next 2 weeks also full of meetings.

We received so much feedback, it was exactly the thing purple leaves needed at that moment. We got questioned a lot but also got the feedback that the idea is good and working. All in all the feedback was rollercoaster like, some mentors didn’t like us and our idea at all, but others talked to us during SBC and asked us to meet later on just for dinner or a beer and we gladly did/do so.

Its just great how much those guys want to help us. With no gain for themselves. They have connected us to even more interesting people and gave us free indepth professional knowledge.

Today we launch the first edition of Startupbootcamp Berlin with the top ten teams but it’s pretty awesome to see that our community of ambassadors is growing by the day.

Now off to Day 1 of #SBCBerlin!

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