Gerard Knaak: how to find an investor

Gerard Knaak: how to find an investor

04-Dec-2012 by Startupbootcamp

Our partner ABN AMRO gave another nice workshop at our Amsterdam office on the 8th of May. Gerard Knaak talked to the teams about ways to find an investor.

Tips from Gerard

Not being able to explain your product made the top of his list of red flags for investors. Entrepreneurs should make sure that they can outline the need for their product, keep good track of their financials, are enthusiastic, have realistic prognoses and market share expectations, know what pecentage of shares they are willing to offer to the investor and should not give in too easy. Knowing what type of investor you want is a big plus and it should go without saying that the money acquired from the investor is not used for financing existing debts or to buy out an existing shareholder.


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