Berlin Investor Demo Day!

Berlin Investor Demo Day!

05-Dec-2012 by Startupbootcamp

Startupbootcamp holds a record number of attendees at the Investor Demo Day in Berlin.

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On Tuesday, November 27th, the Startupbootcamp Berlin Investor Demo Day took place in Umspannwerk, Berlin – Kreuzberg followed by networking between Investors and the Teams at Webworker Berlin. The room was filled to capacity with more than 500 guests, including high profile investors from Index Ventures, Hack FWD, Connect Ventures, and Point Nine. The event began as Alex Farcet, founder of SBC Berlin, took the stage for a brief introduction. Soon after, the show was underway, with each team presenting phenomenal pitches after brief introductions from their mentors.

After all the teams presented, investors were invited to join the teams in the office for live demo’s and deeper discussions about their business. All guests then joined the teams for the after party, where Alex announced the winners of the Buzz Awards, Weavly, and Credport, as voted for by the public. The prize is a trip to the amazing South by South West conference in Austin, Texas.

The City of Berlin has partnered with TOA to send these 3 startup CEOs to the South by Southwest festival in Austin Texas next year. The startups will be part of a delegation sent by the Berlin Senate to represent Berlin at the festival as part of the “log in berlin” campaign. We’re excited that Lindenpartners, Eventbrite and Startupbootcamp will each contribute €2,000 to cover half the cost of the trip. The senate of Berlin will match the cost of trip.

Victor Landau from team Spotistic pitching at Investor Demo Day

Below is the batting order of pitches:

Startup Who They Are
Liquid State

Liquid State’s CEO Philip Andrews was introduced onto the stage by their mentor Lars Buch. Philip talked the crowed through Liquid State’s incredible technology which allows publishers to turn their existing print content into an app at the push of a button, or to use their intuitive layout tool to create publications from scratch. Learn more about the Liquid State team here!

Jess Erickson proudly introduced CEO Espen Systad onto the stage.

Espen pitched the concept of and demoed the amazing product to the audience. plays your favorite online content as a live, interactive and highly personalized audio experience. It’s like Flipboard in audio. Learn more about the team here!


Prizgo’s Charlie Casey was introduced on stage by their mentor Jan Boluminski

Prizgo is a reward plugin that helps websites increase customer engagement, loyalty and advocacy.Learn more about the Prizgo team here!


Weavly’s Christian Eder was introduced on stage by their mentor Linsey Fryatt.

Christian pitched Weavly’s incredible online video mashup tool to an excited audience. Weavly offers a portal to create and share video mashups online – easier than ever before, without uploads, downloads or copyright issues. Learn more about the Weavly team here!


Frestyl’s Johanna Brewer was introduced to the stage by their mentor Sascha Dewald

frestyl helps concert organizers bring more people to their events, especially on weeknights, by offering custom specials.? Learn more about the Frestyl team here!


Kevin Dykes mentor of ItsPlatonic proudly introduced Josh Jacobson to the stage.

ItsPlatonic is the go-to site for making new friends online. It’s like an online dating site, but for friendship instead of romance. Best of all, it’s built on the backbone of a 13-year friendship and Startupbootcamp Berlin mentorship.Learn more about the ItsPlatonic team here!


Martin Huemmer mentor of Raidarrr proudly introduced Sherwood Forlee to the stage.

A location-based content discovery and distribution service. Think of geocaching+Stumbleupon. Learn more about the Raidarrr team here!


Spotistic’s CEO Victor Landau was introduced on stage by their mentor Jochen Hummel.

Spotistic aggregates and digests data from a multitude of location-based, social media, and open data services (Yelp, Foursquare, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Places etc ) to provide you with a comprehensive view of your customers and competition at all of your store locations. Learn more about the Spotistic team ??here!


Credport’s Connor McEwen was introduced on stage by their mentor Edial Dekker

Enables people to rent, share, and sell safely and efficiently by building trust in peer to peer marketplaces. Learn more about the Credport team here!

Brisk’s Ramon Duivenvoorden was introduced onto the stage by their mentor Leo Schmidt.

A full stack JavaScript framework for building real-time cross-platform HTML5 applications.Learn more about the Brisk team here!

Thank You to All Our Mentors

A big thank you has to be given to our amazing mentors, who selflessly donated their time and energy, and expected nothing in return. All to help the entrepreneurs in our program succeed.

7 out of 10 teams are staying in Berlin!

Seven of the ten teams will be staying in Berlin for at least another three months, to take advantage of our free working space and the contacts they have made here during the program. We will continue to guide them towards the next stage of their development.

Below are some cool tweets from the day:

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