Archify Receives Funding from Balderton Capital

Archify Receives Funding from Balderton Capital

04-Dec-2012 by Startupbootcamp

Startupbootcamp Copenhagen 2011 graduate, Archify just announced investment funding from Balderton Capital. They were just featured on TechCrunch‘s recent article: Balderton Capital Invests In Web Backup Startup Archify. Check out the post below or click here to see the photo of the archify team when the announcement was posted. They sure look happy. (Photo courtesy of @Alexfarcet).

Featured on TechCrunch

One of the most frustrating online experiences for me is trying to track down a web page or tweet that I saw a few days ago. If I’m lucky, I bookmarked the page or favorited the tweet, but most of the time I haven’t, and so I can only sit there and fume. So basically, a startup called Archify is the answer to my prayers. It’s a browser plugin that tracks every website you visit (excluding https pages and websites you visit in Incognito mode), and also allows you to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts for archiving. Then, when you’re trying to find something later, you just search the archives like you’d search the Web. Read more.

About Archify

archify is a ground-breaking service created to tackle the information overload crisis. On average, people are spending more than 35 hours per month online, consuming 3,205 pages1. And it’s not just at their desks: Cisco predicts there will be two Internet-connected devices for every person on the planet by 20152. But is it getting too much? Studies show that information overload is starting to harm people’s productivity3 because they can’t retrieve all this information efficiently. As Max Kossatz, Archify founder, illustrates, “I know I read something last week, but I can’t remember whether it was on Twitter, Facebook, or WebMD. Was it on my work PC or my iPad or my phone? This is where archify comes in.”

About Balderton Capital

About Balderton Capital – Balderton Capital is one of the largest venture capital firms in Europe, committed to finding and helping talented entrepreneurs build great companies. Based in London, it manages $1.9 billion in committed venture capital. Since 2000, Balderton has invested in over 100 companies, principally in numerous European countries but also in the US and Asia. Notable investments include Bebo (sold to AOL for $850m), Betfair (the online betting exchange), ScanSafe (sold to Cisco Systems for $183m), LOVEFiLM (the home entertainment subscription service) and MySQL (sold to Sun for $1 billion). For more information, visit:


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