Another Successful Demo Day

Another Successful Demo Day

05-Dec-2012 by Startupbootcamp

Another successful demo day has been and gone and it’s nearly to start working with our next batch of startups

2 weeks ago Karlis Sprogis, an SBC Copenhagen Alumni, posted this comment on our Startupbootcamp Alumni Facebook page:

“Hi Guys, this Saturday it will be exactly 1 year since our Investor Day in CPH last year, I am planning to visit the best burger place in Riga, and order the biggest burger they have, perhaps Raimonds and Avatars team will join me? I wonder if you want to share a short recap what has happened with your teams ofer the last year. With us it is pretty simple, we came home, and Nippo died :). Nevertheless I am very grateful to Alex and everyone else for having this opportunity to participate in SBC last year. So my plan for Saturday is to spend some quality time eating burgers and remembering crazy 3 months in CPH, from Todays perspective.

Cheers, I might even post a picture of my burger :).”

One year has gone by so fast, and all the great entrepreneurs I met through the process are sorely missed. Another demo day has been and gone and it is nearly time to say goodbye to more great entrepreneurs and teams, but this does not mean goodbye forever.

Startupbootcamp see all Alumni as their family, and as everyone knows it is important for family to meet at least once a year to share stories, enjoy each others company and most importantly keep their relationship alive. For most families around the world this happens at Christmas, Thanksgiving or some other national holidays. From now on the Startupbootcamp family will come together in celebration on the ‘SBC Alumni Day’. The first of these annual celebrations is provisionally set for the 31st of May 2013.

The SBC Alumni Day will give the SBC team and our Alumni the chance to continue to learn from each other, by sharing our achievements and failures in a transparent manner, which can only happen in a trusting environment like Startupbootcamp.

If you are an SBC Alumni and want to learn more about the event please contact Tom Parsons, who will update you on the schedule for the event.

See more information about SBC Berlin Demo Day at Silicon Alley and Venture Village.

If you are an entrepreneur and you would like to learn more about our program and the application process, click here.

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