After Demo Day: From First Class to World Class in Just 90 Days

After Demo Day: From First Class to World Class in Just 90 Days

05-Dec-2012 by Startupbootcamp

Startupbootcamp Amsterdam 2012 – Investor Demo Day, July 6th, 2012

StartupBootcamp Demo Day Story July 6th 2012.

On Friday, July 6th, Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Investor Demo Day took place in the financial centre of the ABN AMRO HQ. The event was fully booked two weeks in advance, the venue was packed to capacity with 350+ guests. The ten teams competing for funding delivered highly impressive pitches. The event was opened by Han Hanegraaf (ABN AMRO) and next, Patrick de Zeeuw (SBC Co-Founder) welcomed everyone with a warm speech and some mind-blowing facts:

Speeches, pitches, keynotes

Patrick introduced the world-class international teams which originate from the UK, India, USA, India, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Poland. The technologies explored by the teams vary from web analytics in the physical world (Viewsy), to 3D body measurement (Poikos), semantic search and discovery in large data sets (Eigenta), marketplace for the global trade of scrap metal (Scrap Connection), privacy friendly targeting for online and mobile advertising (Localsensor), platform for making iPad and iPhone apps without any technical knowledge (LayerGloss), pay-per-use subscription billing solution (Mipagar), social media monitoring tool (SocialExpress), mobile behavior metrics for in-game advertising (Geosophic), and therapeutical solutions using Kinect game technology (DoctorKinetic).

Some of the world’s key angel investors including Bill Morrow (Angels Den) were in attendance, visitors representing Peak Capital, V-Ventures, Forestventures, BED Investments, VOC Capital Partners and countless others were diligently taking notes and marking the teams they were most interested in. After the teams were introduced, Mr Eberhard van der Laan – the Mayor of Amsterdam – came on stage and congratulated everyone, mentioning that Amsterdam is a great city for business, amongst other reasons, due to its central location within Europe.

After highly energetic pitches, Steve Blank delivered the keynote speech. Steve is a retired entrepreneur, well-published author and university professor. In 2012, The Harvard Business Review named Blank one of 12 Masters of Innovation in recognition of his work in bringing the “greatest clarity to the field of innovation”. After presentations all the guests had the occassion to talk individually to the teams, which had their individual booths set up in the lunch area.

#SBCDemoDay trending on Twitter

During the day Twitter was very active in the Netherlands, with the hashtag #SBCDemoDay trending in the Netherlands as the 8th most popular topic! We live tweeted the event and saved most of the messages on Epilogger so go ahead and check it out. Thank you all for tweeting with us.

A new beginning

Investor Demo Day is probably the highlight of the SBC Amsterdam program. But it’s the start rather than the end of the adventure.

In the words of Zoe Hoster from Viewsy: “Finishing SBC is a graduation. The hardest work is still to come. But I know we all have not only a foundation but a solid business network. We’ve made friendships for life”. We are very proud of you!

From zero to hero

This was a top event, one of the best I’ve seen this year. The pace of the pitches was great, there was a lot of energy and enthusiasm. I think that SBC Demo Day is the ultimate event for meeting startups.

Raoul Raab, Vodafone

Apart from being an investor, I was involved as a mentor during the past few months. I can honestly say that the teams grew impressively during the time, the presentations went really well. I am definitely going to visit Demo Day next year!

Piet-Hein Boekel, NTSU Fund

It was a truly great event, exactly what I hoped for it to be. You could really sense that it was the final effort, everyone was so enthusiastic and well prepared. I’m interested in investing in at least two teams, I really like their approach and sense a lot of potential.

Erwin van der Veen, Veenster

Excellent job! The energy invested really paid back. Steve Blank was excellent, a really good keynote speech. I give Demo Day 9.5/10!

Martin de Koning, Lets Blinq

I see about 7.000 pitches a year, I know exactly what a good pitch should look like. I have the benefit of having see the teams before [Bill was a guest during SBC finals] and I am blown away by the difference between now and then. They have become way more professional and I’m pretty impressed. Secondly, I appreciate that they really went out of their comfort zones and delivered great presentations. I brought 19 angel investors with here with me today. I went to SBC Demo Day in Dublin, I am going to visit the one in Berlin and I’m coming back next year for Demo Day Amsterdam 2013!”

Bill Morrow, Angels Den

The event absolutely met my expectations. I had the occassion to see the preview and there is a tremendous difference between now and then. The teams worked really hard and you can see it in the energy they exude. Great turn up, great keynote speech by Steve Blank!

Rob Kurver, Voipro

A sincere Thank You to everyone who made this all possible: startups, investors, mentors, sponsors and partners, Startupbootcamp Amsterdam team!

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