Get Funded

Get Funded

27-Sep-2012 by Startupbootcamp

Get Funded

Startupbootcamp has an impressive track record. 85% of the startups are still going strong and over 70% have gone onto receive funding. The ratio is growing every year, with recent programs nearing a 100% funding rate.

  • The startups tend to raise between €200k to €1m.
  • About 1/3 of teams receive VC funding and the rest receive funding from angels.
  • Investors are a mix of local investors and international investors, not least London based investors.

Funding during the program

We encourage teams that are ready to get some funding commitment before investor demo day. It is a strong signal to send to other investors if you at investor demo day can mention you already have a commitment for say €100k as a convertible loan.

On the other hand then we don’t want teams to spend all their effort during the program fundraising, so it is a balance.

Investor Demo Day

This is your chance to pitch in front of a room of Europe’s leading investors. We typically have 3-500 investors and guests from the startup community at each event. This includes most of the top VCs and many angel investors.

No team receives a cheque on Investor Demo Day, but most teams go away with 20-50 investor leads, which they can then follow up with after the day.

In addition to the Investor Demo Day, the Startupbootcamp team make warm introductions to relevant investors.

We encourage all teams to stay with Startupbootcamp for free for another 3 months after Investor Demo Day so we can help get you funding.

Post-program – ALUMNI

Startupbootcamp wants to continue the support to our startups and we have therefore established an Alumni Growth Program whereby all teams can continue to call on the support of startupbootcamp and our mentors.

We also try to get all alumni teams together 1-2 times per year for a big party and with an opportunity to learn more from each other.

Demo Day

Alex Farcet, Co-Founder of Startupbootcamp, talks to excited investors.

Demo Day

Patricia Lopez of Notes First pitches to a room full of investors in Dublin

Demo Day

Phuong Do of Layer Gloss gets instant feedback on her pitch in the SBC Amsterdam HQ

Demo Day

Angie Lim, Startupbootcamp Team, notably excited for the upcoming pitches.

Demo Day

Yasmin Elayat pitches to an eager crowd at Investor Demo Day Copenhagen

Demo Day

Patrick de Zeeuw shares his experiences at Investor Demo in Dublin

Upcoming Demo Days

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