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Turn Redundancy into an Opportunity

Launching a new business as the world is recovering from COVID-19 and the global economy is in turmoil might not seem like be the best time. However, it is in times of disruption that we see the greatest opportunities as customers’ needs and wants change providing demand for new services and products.

Many companies were started during a recession from the giants like Microsoft and Airbnb through to the wave of new artisanal craft stores that opened up on Etsy or Amazon. SBC RISE the first-ever virtual accelerator can help you validate your idea and turn into an up and running business with revenue in just 20 weeks, through playbooks, digital learning, and peer communities.

SBC RISE is the first-ever virtual global accelerator programme that helps rapidly test your idea and equip you with the skills, tools, and mindset needed to turn it into business with revenue in 20 weeks. The programme is delivered through a blend of live virtual workshops, coaching, mentoring and weekly bite-sized digital learning, all of which are supported with a peer community where you can share insights, lessons learned, and access additional resources to help you test, launch and grow your business.

SBC RISE combines the experience and knowledge from Rainmaking and Startupbootcamp, that have collectively built 27 of their own businesses and helped accelerate more than 877 startups.


Why join the program?

Virtual Program

A blended approach of digital learning, virtual workshops, coaching, mentoring and a peer-led community to develop the mindset and skillset needed to succeed.


Expert-led sessions covering all scaling fundamentals - from business model canvas, growth hacking to fundraising

Global Network

Unmatched access to a global network of mentors, corporate partners, industry experts, and alumni across 40+ countries

Tailored Mentorship

Over 100 carefully selected local mentors from a wide range of industries who provide hands-on support and valuable introductions

Perks & Discounts

More than €500K+ in exclusive partner deals from leading technology providers such as Amazon, HubSpot, SendGrid, and others

Investor Access

Meet most active VCs and Angel investors from the London Startup Scene

SBC RISE could be a great alternative to your corporate traditional redundancy program if you would like to explore how can RISE help you live your people-first values, check out the corporate website here.

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Startupbootcamp RISE is a completely virtual program, delivered through a blended approach of digital learning, virtual workshops,  coaching, mentoring, and downloadable resources to develop the mindset and skillset needed to build either the next £1bn startup to launching a freelance career.

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